Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A weekend away

I snuck away this past weekend for a whirlwind trip to Idaho with my mom and 3 of my kids.  We went to my cousin's wedding in Boise and then drove up to Rexburg to visit my brother and his wife, Alli.  Mom had asked me a few months ago to go with her to deliver a carload of stuff to my brother, I thought it might be fun and good practice for the kids for the big summer vacation.  So, off we went!

We left my mom's house about 10 am on Friday morning.  There was heavy traffic and lots of construction and we had to take a detour through downtown Tacoma just to get out of town.  We hadn't been in the car for more than 20 minutes when Cora looked out the window and asked, "Are we in Idaho yet?"
"No Cora, we aren't!"
Cora proceeded to ask every few minutes what time it was.  Interspersed between time exchanges were quite a few "I'm hungry"'s and "Is it lunchtime yet?"'s.

To calm her we gave her a cell phone, showed her where to read the time on it and told her we'd have lunch at 11:45.  That seemed to satisfy her and she snuggled down into her pillow cradling the cell phone in her hands right in front of her face. "It's 10:22!" she sang out.  Then a minute later "10:23!" and then a minute later . . .yep you guessed it "10:24". Fortunately, by 10:30 she lost interest and got out the coloring crayons.

The drive was largely uneventful.  The kids played games, watched movies, colored, read, took naps and, of course, ate their lunch and snacks. The last time we took a long trip like this was almost 4 years ago when we moved up to Washington from Fresno, California. Considering their lack of practice at road tripping they were fabulous.

Rest stop relay races and stretching exercise are an important part of every fun road trip.

The kids were all in awe of the beautiful landscapes.  (What a beautiful land we live in!) I let Afton take a few pictures out the car window with my camera.  By out the car window I really don't mean "out".  The windows remained rolled up and so some of her very excellent pictures are marred by finger smudges on the inside of the car window. Looking past those smudges I think you will agree that the composition and subject of her pictures are lovely.  Here are my favorites:

As we drove into Boise the sun was going down and the skies were turning gloomy.  It was raining up ahead of us and the setting sun's rays were hitting that cloud of rain in such a way that it looked like a great fire. It was so lovely and mesmerizing that we nearly missed our exit.

We were pooped when we got to my aunt's house.  She kindly fed us dinner and we went right to bed.

Come back tomorrow to see pics of my aunt's lovely garden, and to hear about my first trip ever to Rexburg where we went geocaching, horseback riding and sight seeing.

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