Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Strongly worded letter

I have found myself in the somewhat uncomfortable position this week of having to write a strongly worded letter. A letter that deals with a longstanding issue, gets to the point, provides important facts and details and may have a profound effect on the future of someone's career--not in a good way.

I am really worried about sending this letter in to the proper authorities (the individual's supervisor).  I have had a business relationship with this person for several years and consider them more than an acquaintance, almost a friend.  I'm sure this letter will change that.

It was an easy letter to write.  I have been considering a complaint for some time because of continued unprofessional behavior.  I know that others have been treated the same way.  I know that it is a problem that is not being taken care of and will not until someone steps up to say something. When "it" happened again yesterday I knew it was time to say something.  The words came easily.

Yet now, as I sit back, all the words off my chest and onto paper, I feel a little better already: less outrage.  I'm growing more concerned about what those words will do when read by others: the supervisor, the supervisor's supervisor, the unprofessional almost friend and his wife, his children. Is it really necessary to take this step, I wonder?

I re-read my letter. As I take those words back in I feel the frustration again well up inside me and stew in the pit of my stomach. I know it is all true. I know what has been done needs to be fixed. I know I need to step up to the plate.  His actions are destroying hard to win business relationships: the loyalty and trust that his supervisors are struggling to gain from their clients.

I will send in the letter but I will not relish doing so.

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  1. So sorry that you must do this. It is always hard calling someone one the carpet. Just like in Repentance, pain must sometimes be felt before improvement can be made. I hope everything turns out ok for all involved and that improvements can be made.


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