Thursday, June 03, 2010

My first trip to Rexburg

I admit, I came to Rexburg prejudiced.  I thought it was a little podunk, in the middle of nowhere, boring ole, freezing in winter, burning in summer, dirty college town.  Some of my preconceived notions were correct however most of them were not.

What a lovely place Rexburg is! The sky is wide open, the stars are bright and bounteous, the fields are beautiful, the fresh air is intoxicating and the people are so darn friendly.

We came here to deliver a carload of stuff  and to visit with my brother and his wife. Jacob and Alli live in a duplex out near Rigby, about 5 miles south of Rexburg. Aren't they cute! Jacob has put in his first garden and they are hoping to get some chickens in the near future.  Right now they are very busy working and going to school and getting used to married life. They were very good hosts, enjoyed playing with the kids and entertained my mom and I in the evenings playing games and visiting.  Jacob also cooks a great high heat roast chicken and a mean from-scratch chocolate cake. Alli is a lucky girl and so super adorable!

While visiting, Jacob introduced us to geo-caching, an activity we've heard a lot about but never participated in.  The kids were hooked instantly.  Jacob showed them where they were able to look up some GPS coordinates.  He then gave them control of his GPS and set them free in the woods to see if they could find the treasure box.

They searched through fields, woods, over rocks and hills and bushes trying to match their GPS coordinates to the treasure's coordinates.

Finally one is found! It was well hidden under a pile of rocks behind the fence post.  This small container has within it a great treasure!  In it there is a notepad and pencil with which to sign your name to prove you'd been there.  There is also a small collection of trinkets: a playing card, a shell necklace, a whistle and more.  The kids trade a trinket they brought for one inside the treasure box.  They then return the treasure/geocache to it's rightful position under the rocks and head out for the next cache.  By the end of  the afternoon we completed three caches and ended up . . .

 . . . at this treasure: the banks of the Snake River.  A great spot for walking the shoreline, jumping puddles and skipping rocks. Jacob showed us all how it's done and was able to throw a rock all the way across; I don't just mean across the water.  I mean ALL the way across to the other TREELINE! The kids were impressed by his incredible arm and wondered if Dad could throw a rock that far. The girls thought he probably could. We miss you Dad and Heath!  Hope you had a great hike in the Olympic mountains because we're sure having fun in Idaho!



  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip. I love fast and furious trips. I am going to Idaho around the 4th of July. You are right about the stars in Idaho. I fondly remember my grandma ( my dad's mom) having us get blankets to lay down in their hay field and having her explain all the stars...naming them, and showing us the occasional shooting star. That will always be one of my most favorite memory. Sounds like you had a super fun trip. We missed you this Sunday.

  2. dani- hey stranger. what a great trip. and beautiful scenery! your kids are so grown up. i guess several years will do that! hope all is well! ps. your mom looks just the same! super cute!


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