Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's get started

The countdown is on. Just 6 more days of school left!  I can't wait to have all my kiddos home for the summer.  I have so many plans for them and have high expectations that this may be the best summer ever.  Here are just a few of our plans:
  • Heath will be attending his first ever EFY (Especially for Youth).  I attended when I was a teen and LOVED it! Highlight of my teenage summers.  I hope he feels the same.
  • Kirkham will attend his first ever Scout Camp! Super Exciting to be away from home for a whole week.
  • Heath will also attend an LDS Youth Conference and the Lakes High School Freshmen Academy this summer
  • All of us will be going on our super big, cross country, dream vacation, summer RV road trip.
  • Dave and Heath will be doing a week-long hike around Mt. Rainier--Yes, that means circling it.
  • Dave and I will be RV'ing down the West Coast as the support vehicle for My brother's West Coast cycling trip.  Jake's wife Alli, Alli's dad and my dad will also be riding.  We'll start in WA and end in CA.  It will take 6 days.
When we are not busy doing all of this we will be water-skiing at the lake, slip-n-sliding down the front hill, geo-caching, gardening and any other free and fun things we can find to do.  Of course, I will still be taking classes so I can accomplish my goal of graduating in December.  I take a final this week and hope to complete two more classes by the end of the summer.

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  1. I too, am super excited for the last days of school to be OVER! It sounds like you have a super summer planned.


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