Friday, June 04, 2010

Horseback Riding, Sightseeing, & Gramma's Birthday

As if beautiful gardens, a lovely wedding, geo-caching and visiting my brother weren't enough we also had the opportunity to go horseback riding, sightseeing and to celebrate my mom's birthday while in Idaho last weekend.

As I told you yesterday my brother lives out in the country near Rexburg, Idaho.  Across the street from him lives a very nice family with 5 kids, 2 dogs, 1 goat, 12 chickens (I liked this family instantly), and 5 horses.  They had given Jacob and Alli an open invitation to ride their horses whenever and so we took them up on it this weekend.

Kirkham and Afton have ridden horses before--when we lived in Fresno--but Cora has never been on a horse and was beside herself with excitement. First they rode bareback . . .

Then we went sightseeing . . .
We visited the campus of BYU-Idaho where Jacob is attending school and from where Aunt Alli graduated with her Bachelors last year and Aunt Dacia graduated with her Associates about 8 years ago.  Gramma is determined that her grandkids should like to attend there too.  It is a beautiful campus.  For lunch we stopped in the gardens at this little house called "Patsy's Porch"  I thought it was so cute.  On the inside there is a saying painted above the doorway that I really like.  It says:

"While in the pursuit of happiness one should stop, and just be happy."

After our tour of BYU-I and our lunch stop at Patsy's Porch we drove over to the Rexburg temple which is literally across the street.

One of our goals this year for our trip across the US is to get a picture of the kids in front of as many temples as possible.  We got a jump start here in Rexburg. It is a very beautiful temple and has an amazing view of the valley.

After our tour of the city of Rexburg we went back to Jake and Alli's place and, yep, you guessed it, hopped on the horses again.  This time with saddles.

They all did a great job riding. Cora needed some coaching but got the hang of it pretty quick. Afton was a natural. Kirkham did a great job too but his feet kept bouncing against the side of the horse and then the horse would start trotting which kind of worried him. It was an experience they won't soon forget.

The stormy skies and our hungry tummies put an end to our horseback riding adventure and we headed out in search of Jud's Burgers.  Jud's is the place you've seen on food network--the one that serves 3 pound burgers!! If you can eat the whole thing yourself you get it free and you get your picture on the wall.  I have several friends who claim to have their pictures on those walls and I wanted to see it for myself.  We planned on the 7 of us sharing one burger BUT . . . .

Big Jud's was closed for memorial day.  So instead we went to Red Robin in Idaho Falls.

Happy Birthday Gramma Heather!! We love you!!!

And then we visited the Idaho Falls Temple, went through the visitors center and got a picture of the kids in front of that temple too. Another great day in Idaho.


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  1. horseback riding, geocaching, and stargazing! rexburg summers are the BEST! im glad you guys had a fantastic trip! i guess you'll just have to go back to experience the splendor of big judds... i always got the "hot buff chick" sandwich (a buffalo chicken sandwich) and it was pretty yummy. never tried to tackle the big guy though haha!


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