Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Few Frugal Tips

  • Do your little girls get holes in their tights?  Mine do, especially near the toes.  If that hole hasn't turned into a run you can stitch it up.  Use a small needle, preferably with a rounded tip, and some regular all-purpose thread and you'll have it stitched up in no time.  You should be able to get at least a few extra wears before they destroy the knees. (This only works on tights, not nylons)
  • White leather tennis shoes looking dingy?  Put your Magic Eraser to work and they'll be clean in no time.  Put a little white shoe polish on the scuffs and buff them out.
  • Greeting cards breaking the bank and don't have time to handmake  your cards?  Purchase a large pack of blank notecards and envelopes.  They won't be as fancy but you'll be able to say exactly what you want!  
  • Buy a bunch of Forever Stamps at the post office now before prices go up.  These stamps will be good until their gone and you will have only paid today's prices.
  • Don't buy canning jars at the store get them from garage sales.  Check them for chips and cracks.  Make sure there's no dried on gunk inside.  Only buy jars that say Mason, Kerr or Ball.  NO MAYONAISE OR PICKLE JARS!
  • Cut your dryer sheets in half.
  • Check  your car tires to make sure they are properly inflated.  Your gas mileage will increase.
  • Tracked in dirt accounts for a lot of wear and tear on your carpet and increases the need to have your carpets cleaned.  Have your family remove shoes before coming into the house.
  • Serve meals already plated.  Leave the food on the stove or counter, dish up each plate and put it on the table.  By doing this you are eating the proper portion sizes, eliminating "looks good" second servings (both frugal for your waistline), and you can save your leftovers for another meal without fear of them getting contaminated by little fingers, sneezes and spills.
  • Serve water as a dinner beverage. Milk is my biggest weekly grocery expense.  I know my family is getting enough milk and milk products at breakfast and snack times, they don't need it for dinner.  By then it's just extra calories and extra costs. To make the water look more appetizing serve it in a nice pitcher, put ice cubes in cups, add lemon or lime slices or do all three. Everybody needs more water!
Do you have any frugal tips to add?


  1. I have one! When we make taco meat, I add a cup of previously cooked rice at the same time as the seasoning. It makes the meat go farther, still has lots of texture, and tastes good.

  2. And don't forget my personal FAVORITE...hang out your clothes to dry. You can either hang them on a line outside or use a drying rack. Our family drys our clothes almost exclusively on drying racks and our energy savings is right at $40 bucks per month!!!! That is a ton of money to save. Besides....it is the latest "green" thing to do.


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