Monday, June 21, 2010

A Cool Gift for a Teenage Boy

On Friday night we attended Mann middle school's 8th grade moving-up ceremony with our son Heath.  On Thursday, the last day of school, he will officially be a high schooler.  HIGH SCHOOLER!! Yikes, I still feel like a high schooler :).

On that night he received a Presidential excellence award for having above a 3.0 GPA and he was a nominee for the Kiwanis award. (what a great kid!)  He also received this very AWESOME poster board full of candy from Grandma and Grandpa Call

It reads:

"Hey Heath, you Big Hunk!
Today is your Payday! Just Look
at the Mounds of (Almond)Joy
U-No you deserve because you
passed up the Crunch of Sour (patch gummies)
Airheads and Nerds! So, You can Snicker
you are a Smartie and a Sweetart
and worth 100 Grand.  So Take5
and (Swedish) Fish this summer before you hit
the big H.S.  We love you! G&G Call"

He is carefully slicing the end of the wrapper and sliding the candy out so he can save the whole board on his wall.

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  1. Congrats to Heath. I know what you mean about still feeling like a High Schooler. Where does the time go? That is a really cool board that his grandma and grandpa gave him.


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