Monday, June 14, 2010

Catching up

As I was unloading birthday party pictures I found these other pictures of a few recent events that I forgot to mention. These are just a few of Heath's many activities that he has been involved in lately.

"This I believe"

A few weeks ago Heath was chosen to read his essay in the District Showcase series "This I believe". With his permission here is his essay:

"I believe in equal freedom for all.  It doesn't really matter your age, gender, or ethnicity but everyone deserves equal freedom.  Thousands of people pray for freedom but never get the chance even though they should have freedoms.  Those people dream about it and sometimes get a chance to get freedom.  Such as immigrants from such countries like Mexico.

"I may only be 13 but I already have a belief in freedom.  There are several different types of freedom.  These are political freedom--right to vote, religious freedom--right to choose your own religion, freedom of life--right to create and protect people, freedom of association--right to work with someone, and freedom of speech--right to say what you like.  Everyone should have equal freedom.  In some countries they never get a chance for freedom.  Such as in Germany before the Berlin wall came down.  The people of West Berlin were not allowed to leave.  They could even be punished for trying to escape.  

"People could face punishments such as jail, burning, and even worse punishments.  Thousands of people face these punishments for trying to earn their freedom.  The rulers that limit freedom don't even care about what their subjects feel or how they affect them such as Hitler's killing of Jews during World War II.

"As I stated before, many people fight for freedom and do it because they want others to have freedom.  In Operation Iraqi Freedom thousands of our military personnel have fought for the Iraqi's freedom.  They are fighting not because they were asked to or even want to but it's their job.  

"Freedom is what everyone deserves.  It matters whether the person deserves it or not.  But mostly it depends if they have abused someone elses freedom and how severely it was abused.  Thousands have protected it and thousands more will continue to.  

"Everyone deserves freedom.  This is what I believe."

Baseball Season

Hooray for Baseball Season!!

Heath plays outfield

Warming up the new catcher.
Getting ready to hit.

Phew! Just made it to base (the ball was overthrown and hit me in the butt--I was paying attention to my son not the ball.)

Anxious to be back out on the field.

Boo-hoo. The season is already over. Next year Kirkham will finally be able to play.

Love Notes
A few weeks ago I found all the notes and calendar items on the bottom half of my white board erased and replaced with this note:
It's Heath's handwriting.

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  1. Yes...I would have to agree...your family IS awesome.


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