Thursday, June 03, 2010

Aunt Roxanne's Boise Garden

The perfect garden has something for everyone.  Aunt Roxanne's garden has a fantastic playground perfect for grand kids and nieces and nephews.

The grass is soft and thick and well manicured.  I love the winding pathways that she has through out the whole garden.
Aunt Roxanne's favorite flowers are Iris' and her garden is abounding in them and daylilies and fruit trees and raspberries and strawberries and lots of other lovely plants, bushes and flowers, like these gorgeous purple flags.

And these lovely little flowers too, though I don't know their name.

She also has lots of little hidden treasures like this fence art that she painted.  It says, "When it gets very dark you can see the stars"
And this lovely hen.  No garden is complete without a chicken, right?!


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