Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weekend Update

I skipped out on blogging both Friday and Monday, please forgive me, because I had an early start and a late end to a looooooonnnnnngggg weekend.

Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to attend my first ever PTA convention. I could go on and on about all the stuff I learned and classes I went to but I will leave it at this:
8am leave home
9am-5pm intense sessions and workshops
6:30pm home- exhausted, eat pizza, watch movie, go to bed
highlight of day- Social Networking Workshop

7:15am leave home
8:15am-5:30pm intense sessions and workshops
7pm home--exhausted but my day's not over (I'll tell you about the rest of my Saturday tomorrow!)
highlights of day- two Keynote speakers. Sally Jewel, CEO of REI, spoke on the importance of playing outdoors. Deborah Wooten, a very funny and inspiring woman. Both were FANTASTIC speakers!!!!

PTA Convention was well worth the inconvenience it caused my children, husband and mother (thanks for babysitting mom!!) for the two days I was involved. I will definitely insist that someone from my PTA attends convention every year, it is sooo worth it! And next time I think I will suggest they stay for the evening events too. I really felt like I missed out on so much more information that would have been useful for our PTA. There's always next year!

The rest of the loooooonnnngg weekend story will be up tomorrow.

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