Friday, May 28, 2010

Vacation tips wanted

Last weekend you gave me a lot of great ideas for preparing for my summer trip: travel binders, pre-made meals, credit card details, red box movie rentals and more. I know we're all heading into the Memorial day weekend so I thought I'd ask again for more of your great ideas, perhaps your Memorial day weekend family trip will jog your memory.

Is there something that you always do before a trip or after a trip?  Do you have favorite games or snacks that you pack for your kids?  Do you have some great on-the-road meal ideas (I really need those!).  Do you pack stuff a special way or in certain containers? Is there something that you think is an absolute necessity on every family trip?  Are there things I should leave at home? What about planning for emergencies?

Remember, I've never taken a vacation like this one cross country in an RV.  I've only taken a few RV trips, short ones, as a grown up/parent. I need all the help I can get.  I'm depending on you!


  1. One thing I have taken on camping trips and others have seen me take and then taken my idea for this is, those small plastic stackable drawers. For the first drawer I get the one that has one big drawer and I put my sunscreen, aloe vera gel, Tylenol, Motrin, and some of the first aid stuff, I like to keep these all together so I am not hunting for it all. Then with the other set of drawers I use the one with the three drawers and I put measuring cups, hot pads, spatula, serving spoons, small cutting board, I also use old spice containers to put sugar in ect. Also one more thing...Get AAA roadside service and YES it's worth it, Sloane and I have used it more than once for Changing a tire, Do you know how to change a tire on an RV? I know I don't. We have used it for that. Also for locking our keys in the car, running out of gas or just simply breaking down. That is almost a must have on road trips and it's worth it trust me. Also, all Walmart Parking lots let RV's park overnight in their parking lot, we've had to do that many times before. Good luck! Have fun! I have always wanted to do that with going to see all the church sites.

  2. My favorite camping game is called Hand and Foot and we use Rook cards instead of Face cards. You can look up the game rules and instructions online. I will warn you though it's addicting and fun! We usually get 7 decks of Rook cards to play the game.

  3. I will try to post this again. I had it all written out this morning and it wouldn't let me post....grrrrr as it was very detailed. I will try again and hopefully it will post. One of the first things that I do when camping for food is fry up a whole lot of hamburger with onions and seasoning in it. Then I freeze them in dinner size portions. That way you can use them for spaghetti, omelets, hamburger gravy over minute rice. I only use minute rice when camping as it only takes a few minutes to cook. I don't like taking things that take forever to cook. Propane and time are always in short supply. We also use the minute rice over beef stew. Quick and easy are the name of the game when camping. For the first part of the trip I also cook up a while bunch of chicken and freeze it dinner size portions. I don't fry in the trailer though as grease will ruin a trailer faster than anything. It is impossible to clean and it makes things smell forever. Another tip is to only eat two meals a day. This might be a bit harder with smaller children, but we eat a later breakfast then an earlier dinner. There is always cereal to stave off the starvations....and it keeps me from having to spend so much of my time just cooking and cleaning. Another thing to try to do is wear clothes more than one time. Of course underwear is NOT in that category. Bring a drying rack to dry the clothes that you might have to hand wash. It will save you not only money but time too. ALWAYS braid the girls' hair every day It keeps it cleaner, has less rats in it, and is cooler too. That way, you can get away with not bathing the kids every night. The boys always wear hats too. It just makes it easier. We do however do a mini bath every night before bed. Get two rubber dish pans with warm soapy water, and rinse water in the other. We always do a wipe down of all dirty bodies before jumping into our clean beds. You would be surprised how long you can go without an actual long shower. I hope that this doesn't gross you out, but This is what we do when we can't take long luxurious baths/showers on a daily basis. We also do NOT allow any shoes on in the trailer. This will keep 90% of the dirt out before it is allowed to come inside. Now on to a grosser subject....the toilet..... We try to only go pee in the trailer toilet. If possible, use a rest area for the bigger jobs. I HATE HATE HATE cleaning out the black water tank and it is made easier when there is not much solids there in the first place. Of course, when there is an emergency...fill 'er up. That is what it is used for. Make Sure everyone has their own chores everyday. Before anyone leaves the trailer for the day they have to make their bed, put their suitcase away neatly and take care of all their personal items. Your kids are all old enough to do that and it will make your job a billion times easier to do when they do that. I also bring a blender and toaster along when possible. Blenders make the best fruit smoothies. Freeze some yogurt to throw in the smoothies and you have a fruit filled super nutritious breakfast. I also ALWAYS bring granola with me. It is a quick snack by itself or if you mix it with is deeeeeeelish. We also bring along great music to listen to. We bring Huey Lewis and the News, Bryan Adams, and the Mo Tabs for listening to on the Sabbath. I think this is about all for is long and drawn out but it is all I have.


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