Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vacation Preparation

I'm getting really excited for our summer vacation, and nervous.  I'm starting to stress out over details and worry.  So instead of worrying here is my list of things I have already done to prepare and things I still need to do.

Already done:
  • Secure the vehicle/motorhome. Get it liscenced and registered and insured.
  • Find a house-sitter.
  • Save money for food, gas and expenses and have a credit card in case of emergencies.
  • Plan route including what to see along the way, where we'll be stopping to stay the night, and how long it will all take.
  • Contact people we will be visiting along the way.
  • Start purchasing easy prep pantry items and travel size cleaners, toiletries, etc. when on sale.
  • Inventory motorhome for needed equipment.
Need to do:
  • Inform neighbors of plans, emergency contacts and introduce to housesitter and family.
  • Pay or schedule payment of all bills due while out of town.
  • Clean house spotless for housesitter's family.
  • Prepare yard, including landscape watering system, chicken coop and securing vehicles before departure.
  • Locate appropriate wardrobe items necessary for traveling through several climate zones for each family member.
  • Purchase or borrow needed travel equipment such as a GPS; laptop with ability to play DVD's, download pics, blog and do Independent Study coursework; camp table; outdoor carpet roll; etc.
So now I know I'm forgetting something.  I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of things.  Help me out what else do I need to do to get ready for a month long road trip across the country with the family?


  1. Don't forget to call your credit card company and debit card folks to let them know you will be making purchases out of your "normal" areas. Also be sure to call you gasoline card company ( we have one that we charge all of our gas on, then pay it in full every month). A lot of times you are only "allowed" to use the card once a day, and with traveling you could conceivably fill up twice or even three times per day depending on how much traveling you plan on doing. There would be nothing worse than having your cards declined when A: you need them, and B: you are far away from home and may not be near cell phone reception to straighten the mess up. Every time that I go out of state, I let them know where the charges will be from. I especially had to do that while I was in Brazil. That would have freaked the fraud department for sure, if they would have seen Brazil charges start showing up when that is waaaaaay beyong my "norm".
    Hope this helps.
    Can I go with you on your trip???? Sounds like a TON of fun.

  2. Oh...I also forgot your insurance company and ask then if they will list your regular vehicles as being "stored" for the time that you are gone. It might be cheaper to do it that way, especially since no one will be driving them while you are gone and there is NO chance of them being in an accident.

  3. Those are excellent ideas. I never would have thought to call my credit card company because I never use my credit card AND I didn't even think about having a gas card. I'm so glad I asked for ideas because you're saving me money, time and future hassle.

  4. You can use the LDS meeting house locator to figure out what church building you can attend on the Sundays you are gone. :-) I also look at the traffic websites to see if there will be any scheduled matienance or road closures along my route. I always forget to check my camera, and then the batteries end up being dead just when I need it most. :-(

  5. I was thinking of the drive it's self, you've probably already thought about this but think of car games ahead of time so that you don't go crazy!! I go crazy everytime we get into the car to go on a long trip and the games have helped. Also what helps too is to read the friend or the New Era or the Ensign to the kids out loud in the car, there's NO where to run!:)

  6. Whenever we go on a long car trip, I make up a 3 ring "trip binder" for each kid. Before we leave, I look up interesting facts and information about several places we'll be passing through. I print out pictures and articles, even coloring pages (depending on how old each kid is at the time). When we get to that part of the country, I have one of the kids open their binder and read the info to us and "teach" us something interesting about that place. I also include printouts of games like the ones at (scroll down to 'travel games'). It's also helpful to put colored pencils, crayons, etc. into one of those zippered pencil pouches that fit on the rings of the binder. Also, you can look up the Red Box website to see where there are kiosks on your route, because you can rent movies (only $1.00!)from one Red Box and return them to any Red Box in the country - that's pretty cool. DVD players on long car trips has to be the best invention ever when it comes to traveling with kids! Hope that helps!


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