Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Third week of May shopping list and menu

Here's my weekly shopping list in which I use the grocery ads and coupons to feed my family of 6 for under $60 each week. To learn more about how you can save money at the grocery store read my Grocery Shopping 101 series of posts. This list is specific to Puget Sound area stores and sales.

Shopping List
* with in-ad coupon
**at this price when minimum purchase requirements are met. see store ad for details

AlbertsonsTransaction #1
** when $25 or more of these items below are purchased you will receive a $10 coupon to use towards your next purchase
2 Wesson Oil $2.50 ea
2 Reddi Whip $2.79 ea
1 Pam Spray $2.50
4 Pork & Beans .69 ea
8 Hunts Tomato Sauce .40
2 Manwich $1 ea
2 Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce $1 ea
2 Chef Boyardee Past $1 ea
Trasaction #1 estimated total $25.04 + $10 coupon off my next purchase

Transaction #2
1 10# bag Russet potatoes .98 cents
2 Minute Maid 64 oz lemonade
4 Post Cereals $1.99 ea when you buy 4 - 2 $1/2 manuf coupons (makes them $1.50 ea)
2 2 ltr club soda 79 cents ea
Trasaction #2 estimated total $10.60 - $10 coupon from transaction #1
Albertsons estimated total $25.64

1 Fresh Express Spinach $1
10 Safeway canned fruit 88 cents ea
5 2 liter 7-up 88 cents ea
4 gallons milk $1.99 ea
Safeway estimated total $22.20
Fred Meyer5#Large Navel Oranges 48 cents/lb
*10 Fred Meyer Canned tomatoes/Bean 2/$1
*2 Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage 2/$5-$1/2 manuf coupon (makes them $2 ea)
20 lb Pedigree Dry Dog Food $8.99-$2 manuf coupon (makes it $6.99) 
Fred Meyer estimated total $18.50

Target4 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat $1.89 ea, -B3G1 free store coupon, -2 $1/2 manuf coupons (makes it .92 cents ea)
2 Nivea Body Wash $3.99 ea - 2 $4 manuf coupons (makes both free)
1 Finish Quantumatic Detergent Dispenser System $5 -$5 manuf coupon (free)
2 Gillette Body Wash $1.99- $4/2 manuf coupon (makes both free)
2 Benedryl Itch Sticks $2.29 ea - $5/2 manuf coupon (makes it 4 cents ea plus tax)
1 Reach Dental Floss 97 cents ea -$1 manuf coupon (free)
3 Tide Ultra Travel Size (stocking up for this summer's vacation!) 97 cents ea -$1 manuf coupon (free)
Bounce Dryer Sheets $1.94 -.75 cent Target coupon - .25 cent manuf coupon (makes it 94 cents)
Target estimated total $4.69

This week's estimated total $71.03
Ok, so I'm a little over.  Sue me. ;)

This is what we are going to have on the menu using the groceries I purchased this week and the stockpile in my pantry and freezer from previous weeks and months of $60 shopping lists. Remember that one of my New Year's goals is to serve a meatless meal once a week, and we have three theme nights per week: Taco Tuesday, Pizza Friday, and Breakfast for dinner on Sundays.

Wednesday- Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Tater Tots, Fruit Bowl (sounds like cafeteria food but it was the kids' request)
Thursday- Brown Sugar Salmon, Baked Potatoes, steamed green beans, Caesar Salad and garlic breadsticks
Friday-Pizza night! Veggie Pizza and Baked Apple Pizza
Saturday- Oven baked mac and cheese with Frosted Flake topping, grilled sausages and steamed broccoli.
Sunday-Breakfast for dinner! French Toast
Monday-Pork Roast, Baked Potatoes, Spinach Salad with grapefruit, avocado, almond slivers and poppyseed dressing
Tuesday-Taco Night! Carnitas, rice and beans

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