Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summertime Memories

All my mom wanted for Mother's Day this year was pictures of our growing families to put in her albums.  No frames, No Albums, No trinkets--she's got plenty of those already--just pictures, oh, and memories.  She asked for written down memories of growing up to put with her old albums.
  • Every summer as kids we took swimming lessons at Fircrest Swimming pool.  When we were big enough we would join the Fircrest swim team.  One summer my brother and I also took a morning summer school swim class at Curtis.  We would get up every morning and ride our bikes the mile to Curtis HS.  We would swim for an hour and then ride our bikes home.  We'd come home and eat our breakfast and do our chores then we'd hop back on our bikes and ride the 2.2 miles to the Fircrest Swimming Pool.  We would spend another hour swimming before getting back on the bikes and riding home.  Occasionally we would go back to the pool in the evening for another swim team practice.
  • One of our summer chores was picking a bucket of weeds every day.
  • We spent a great deal of our summer playing outside.  We would build forts, ride bikes, play in the sprinkler.  I especially liked climbing the "giant" rock in the front yard and sliding down it into the soft cushion of periwinkle bushes below.  We would play king of the rock and see who could balance on top of the rock the longest and we would rest under the shade of the rock when it got too hot. Now that I'm grown up the "giant" rock comes up to my grown-up waist. If Mom and Dad ever sell their house I want that rock.
  • The summer library reading program was a big favorite at our house.  At least once a week my brother and I would walk up to the library and spend an hour or more searching for the perfect books to read that week.  We would have to carefully narrow our selections remembering that we had to carry all these books home. I especially loved the Bunnicula books, all the books by John Bellairs and Poetry by Edgar Allen Poe; basically anything that was scary, creepy, or mysterious.
  • One year we went on a house boat vacation on the Puget Sound. For a week we traveled throughout the sound from island to island and port to port with our ski boat in tow. Us kids lounged on the top deck and got great tans.  One of the places we waterskiied was in the waters across from the Bremerton Ship yard.  It was kinda creepy thinking a submarine might be underneath us. The houseboat toilet broke on the ride. My brother volunteered to swim underneath the houseboat and break loose the stuck drain valve--yuck!
  • We spent as much time as possible on the Lake during the summer so my dad could teach us all how to water ski.  We got our own ski boat when I was about 13 and my dad spent the next two summers trying to get me up on a slalom ski. I eventually made it up.  He taught me how to drive the boat so he could slalom.  He was (and still is) a very good water skiier and was very particular about how I should drive the boat--very straight lines, close to shore, in smooth water, make a big hand signal before making a turn and look for the skiier to make sure they're on the inside of the wake or outside of the turn, turn quick and return back on your own wake if it's a small lake (or very large lake) or stay as close to the side of the other shore if it isn't, always go for the smoothest water and make sure the throttle is all the way down all the time! When I was 17 my dad let me take the boat out to the lake myself.  I could tow the boat over to the lake, launch it, use it all day with my friends, de-launch it, clean it and fill it with gas/oil mixture and re-park it at home.

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  1. Wow...I think I want your childhood. Sounds like fun. I went to my grandparents' house every time there was no school. I went to year 'round school (Bethel Schools) so every 9 weeks we had 3 weeks off from school. It was awesome.


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