Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sick Days

So I wanted to tell you all about the great dinner party that I went to on Saturday night. I was going to write an eloquent synopsis of the evening detailing the courses and conversation. Unfortunately that evening has now been overshadowed by the events of the last five days. I will say that I went to the Melting Pot for dinner on Saturday night for a birthday party. The atmosphere was relaxing, the food good, the company fun. It is a very expensive restaurant and I must thank our gracious host and birthday boy who footed the bill for the whole party! The prices are such that I doubt I'll ever go back but it has inspired me to pull out my fondue pot some time in the near future to try to replicate some of the dishes in my own kitchen.

So now, the overshadowing events of the last five days:
Day 1-Friday I had awoken with a tickle in my throat and had had a headache for days (this is common for me--the headache--so I wasn't going to let it stop me from going to convention. As I said yesterday I came home unusually exhausted Friday night from the PTA Convention. I made it through a movie with the family and hit the sack.

Day 2-Saturday I woke up exhausted, still with a headache and now all achy all over. Oh no, I knew what that meant--getting sick! I popped some Vitamin C, Zinc and DayQuil in my purse and made it through convention, barely. I was more than exhausted when I got home Saturday after convention but that was not the end of my day. Now it was party time! I popped some more DayQuil and Dave and I headed out to the Melting Pot.

Day 3-Sunday I slept in a little and then we all went to church. Still had a headache, still not feeling great, still exhausted but I was teaching the lesson in Relief Society--I couldn't bail. I stayed far away from everyone. After church I came home and concentrated on getting rid of the headache with hot showers, cold compresses, back massage, medication, meditation, relaxation, etc. I got a 5 hour reprieve.

Day 4-2:30am Monday morning the headache was back. Took a different medication, did some yoga and breathing exercises, put a hot pack on my back and a cold pack on my head fell back asleep around 5am. 6:30 up with the kids. 7:45 take Kirkham to a Dr. appointment. 8:45 stop at Home Depot to pick up flowers and pots for PTA teacher appreciation. 9am drop Kirkham off at school. 9:15 come home and decide to lay down for a couple minutes. 12:30!!!! wake up. I was supposed to be at the school at noon with the flowers, etc. to assemble the teacher gifts! I rush over to the school, drop off the stuff and bail on the other mothers. 1:15 back home, crash again. 2:30 wake up, time to get ready for the kids to come home.

Day 5-Tuesday I woke up not as tired. I very slowly puttered around the house all day and only took two small naps. I was hoping I was on the mend, that is until my voice dropped two octaves and my nose started running like a spigot. Maybe I shouldn't have vacuumed--that really wore me out.

This brings me to Day 6, Wednesday, today. I am definitely NOT on the mend. Dave said I was running hot and cold all night. He didn't wake me up this morning and got the kids off to school for me. I can't talk--at least not without it hurting a lot. Everything else hurts too, even my hair! I am going to spend the day in bed and maybe work on homework if I have the energy. I have cancelled appointments and obligations for the next few days (I don't think the teachers want any bread from my kitchen at their teacher luncheon tomorrow.)

I was going to say I don't remember the last time I was this sick but then I just remembered: in the fall of 2001 I got really sick with a cold that turned into ear infections. I had three little kids, ages 5, 3 & 1, at home to take care of, my husband worked long hours at a new job and I was living 800 miles away from anyone I knew, including a doctor. We had just moved to Fresno, California. I was miserable!

This time my mom lives 20 minutes away and is bringing me dinner: her famous chicken noodle soup. This time I have lots of friends nearby who are kindly taking over my duties. This time I know lots of doctors though I won't go see them because they can't do anything for a cold. This time my kids are all in school so I will spend the rest of my day in bed resting.

In a weird, twisted kind of way you might say this is a dream come true!


  1. I hope that you feel better!

  2. You know you're a busy mom when you are so sick that staying in bed all day feels like a relaxing day off! I hope you feel better very soon!

  3. sorry about the way you feel! ugh! it kind of sounds like you have strep? hope you get better sooooon!


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