Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pay off my student loans, please

Ya'll know how hard I've been working to finish my college degree; I've got another final AND a midterm on Thursday! Wanna help me work easy to pay off my University loans with Upromise? Upromise members can get money back for buying groceries, shopping online, eating out, even filling up at the pump. When you join my network, you can allocate all or part of your Upromise earnings to me. With your help, I can earn over two times more! Upromise partners with hundreds of participating brands, so there are lots of ways to earn every day. Even if you don't want to help me you can still help yourself or your children with Upromise savings. I hope you'll sign up today.

Help me earn more 

Or you can use my online shopping link to shop Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Ebay and more.  I'll get a % back in my Upromise account thanks to my corporate sponsors at no cost to you.

Dani's Upromise guest shoppers

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