Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One stuborn class

I have one class that I need for graduation that is not available online through Independent Study.  I've been planning to take a substitution for it through the local college.  I got the substitution approved and all was smooth sailing until I found out that the college's finals are three weeks PAST the transcript transfer deadline at BYU for December graduation!!!!

I was very worried about this and losing sleep and pacing and sick to my stomach.  My goal is to graduate this year and if I couldn't figure out this one class then I wouldn't graduate until NEXT year.  Ultimately I would have achieved my goal but not in the time frame I wanted.

I gathered my senses and sat myself down and did some research.  I decided I had three options: 1-take the class and graduate in April; 2-convince the head of the department to waive the requirement or accept one of my electives in it's stead; 3-find an Independent Study course that the head of the department would accept as a substitution.

I scoured the online directory of the Independent Study courses.  The requirement was an art type course (Art history or Costume Design) and so I searched high and low for an art type class. The closest I could find was Calligraphy.  YES, Calligraphy is a course that is offered online through Independent Study--who knew?!  So anyways, it was the closest thing I could find and the worst that could happen is the department head would say no and I would have to grad in April. I presented my options to the department head of the former Fashion Design program in the current Family Life and Social Sciences department at BYU and . . . . .


I will be allowed to substitute with Calligraphy and finish all my classes Independent Study. I am so thankful!

Now I just have to finish my classes.  Lots to do!

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  1. way to go dani, you are an amazing problem solver! too bad you werent able to take an art hisrory course (thats what i studied!) but im glad you were able to find a substitute. you will have to post some of your learnings about calligraphy. that could be very interesting!


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