Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old Lake Chelan Vacations

All my mom wanted for Mother's Day this year was pictures of our growing families to put in her albums.  No frames, No Albums, No trinkets--she's got plenty of those already--just pictures, oh, and memories.  She asked for written down memories of growing up to put with her old albums.

  • For many summers the family took the Motorhome and followed our cousins across the state to Lake Chelan State Park.  We would water ski and play in the lake all day and at night we would all sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows.  One time my marshmallow caught on fire.  In an effort to put out the fire I started shaking my marshmallow-on-stick back and forth.  The flame wouldn't go out so I shook it harder. The quickly melting, flaming marshmallow broke loose from the thin wire hanger stick and went flying across the campfire and landed in my aunt Nicki's hair!!!  She screamed and everyone started patting down her head and the flame was out in seconds.  For some reason no one gave me another marshmallow that night.  I think Grandma gave Nicki a haircut the next morning. 
  • There was a spot on the road by the lake that had a memorial to a schoolbus full of children that had slid off the road and into the lake never to be recovered. We had to stop there every year to re-read the memorial and look over the cliff--us kids demanded it.
  •  All the cousins slept in the big field under the stars or in tents.  We would stay up very late telling ghost stories, watching the constellations move and listening to the bats fly over head. Sometimes we would take turns singing songs to each other.  I was very flattered one time when my favorite big cousin, Jenice, complimented my rendition of "Somewhere over the Rainbow".  I sang it for days.
  • I learned to water ski at Lake Chelan.  My dad started us out on a big orange ski board that was attached to the ski rope and had a handle.  We would start on our tummies and then as we got the hang of it and the balance we would go up to our knees and then we would eventually stand up.  Once we were able to stand up on the ski board we could try real skis.  Dad would put on a pair of skis along with the beginner.  He would set us up in the shallow water balanced between his legs and we would get up together.  Once we had our balance and he felt we could stay up the boat would swing him past the dock and he would drop off leaving us alone behind the boat--skiing!  We also learned how to dock start.  I got a lot of slivers in my butt from starting off the dock but I was good at it (it was easy).
  • We liked to buy candy and treats from the campground store.  We would occasionally shower in the public restroom it cost 10 cents for 4 minutes. One year there was a bad aphid problem and our motorhomes, tables, bikes, tents, chairs--everything, that was under a tree--got sticky gooey stuff on it.
  • My dad told us there was a sea monster in Lake Chelan like the Loch Ness Monster.  We believed him.

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