Friday, May 14, 2010

More Random Memories

All my mom wanted for Mother's Day this year was pictures of our growing families to put in her albums.  No frames, No Albums, No trinkets--she's got plenty of those already--just pictures, oh, and memories.  She asked for written down memories of growing up to put with her old albums.
  • Mom would order Pizza for dinner most Friday nights (ever wonder where I got that from?).  She would usually order from Pizza Time because they had no delivery fees and they were cheap.  It just so happened that our good friend, Ryan Dooley, was one of the Pizza Time drivers.  When the doorbell rang on Friday night us kids would run to the door to see if it was Ryan.  We would ask him where he delivered that night and beg for stories about delivering on Hill Top (a bad part of town especially back in the late 80's early 90's).  If it wasn't Ryan delivering the pizza we would just turn and walk away yelling, "Mom, pizza guy is here." 
  • When I had big projects for school my dad would take me up to his real estate office to use his computer (we didn't have a computer and printer at home until I was in 5th grade, I think? A TI 99/4A.). We would stay up really late at the office typing and editing and making each project perfect.  It was always very important to dad to have a catchy title and for everything to be formatted well and look nice--always the salesman.

  • Speaking of computers: our first computer, the TI, was purchased with a few computer games.  The games were on cassettes and we had a special tape player that attached to the computer to play the games. One of the games was a pirate adventure game and the other was a space pilot game.  I can't remember the name of either one now.  The adventure game was a story with very few, if any graphics.  You had to go from place to place collecting clues and searching for the "pieces of eight". The space pilot game had graphics, very basic graphics.  When you shot down  the enemy it would say "Great Shot Pilot".  I still say that but usually with sarcasm when a plate is dropped or something is messed up or someone trips.
  • I used to have a problem sitting at the dinner table; I couldn't stay on my chair.  I would be sitting there eating my dinner, minding my own business, joining in on conversation, etc, and then WHAM, I'd be on the floor.  Sometimes I'd hit my chin on the table on the way down other times I'd just land there on the floor. It was like someone took the chair out from under me but nobody did I was just that clumsy.  This was mostly pre-age 8.
  • So clumsy in fact that my mom put me in ballet at an early age so that I could gain some movement skills and be a little more graceful.  I had a multitude of black eyes, sprains, broken arms, cracked open skull incidents as a child.  Unfortunately this carried into adulthood.  I have been known to trip over my own toes, bonk my head on the wall as I jumped down the stairs and all sorts of other embarrassing clumsiness that I don't need to mention.  Just imagine what I'd been like without those ballet lessons!
  • I have a lot of scars.  Some were acquired through clumsiness and others through bravery.  I have a scar on my foot from scraping it on the cement on the side of our neighbors pool (clumsy).  I dove into the pool that day to rescue my friends towel (bravery).  I have a scar on my leg where my pet rabbit attacked me: scratched and bit--you can still see the teeth marks! (bravery).  I was trying to put him back in his cage and dropped him as I walked past our in-heat girl bunny (clumsy). I have a scar on my eye lid where a hula hoop staple tore through it. It narrowly missed my tear duct and my eye ball and I had to get 15 stitches (bravery). My friends and I were hula hooping and when it broke we taped it back together with scotch tape.  I was sitting down on the step right in front of my friend counting her spins (stupidity!!).

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  1. What is it with hula hoops and accidents. Sasha was playing with her hula hoop when she was in first grade, and she decided to run in to the house. Well, there was water on the porch and she slipped and tore her kneecap to a perfect 90degree angle. We could see the underside of her kneecap and of course there was a TON of blood...and rocks...did I mention the rocks? We rushed her to her doc, who did emergency surgery right then and there repairing the knee. Poor Sasha....ask her about her war wound. She will show you the stitches scar. there were 48 on the inside and about 12 big ones on the outside. Sheesh.


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