Monday, May 10, 2010

Enjoy the Trail

All my mom wanted for Mother's Day this year was pictures of our growing families to put in her albums.  No frames, No Albums, No trinkets--she's got plenty of those already--just pictures, oh, and memories.  She asked for written down memories of growing up to put with her old albums.

My family on a walk in the woods 
Spring Break 2010.
When I was about 14 or 15 the family went on a day trip to the forest.  I'm not really sure what forest it was and now that I think about it it may have been more or less than a day trip.  Perhaps we were camping for the weekend or for all I know just out for a short drive.  The fact is I don't know and I suppose it really doesn't matter as long as you know that the whole family: Mom, Dad, Me, Heath, Dacia, Lauren and Jacob, were all together out in the woods somewhere and I wasn't happy about it.

The little kids were going too slow, I was too cold, there weren't any friends around, there wasn't anyONE around (read: no cute boys), we were surrounded by trees, clouds and mud and I'm sure I was a little hungry.  I wanted to hurry home probably to some activity perhaps a dance or a party, perhaps.  Or maybe I was just being moody and wanted away from the little kids.  I started walking the trail a little faster and then a little faster and a little faster until I was finally NOT with my family anymore, Phew.

I got way out ahead of them and made my way alone to the end of the trail back where we had parked the car and sat myself down on a log and waited. This was perfect! I was all alone, no one to bug or embarrass me if a cute boy came along (none came along).  And surely, now that I was out of sight and all alone, Mom and Dad would worry about me and pick up the pace, pushing the little kids along faster worrying that I might be snatched or lost.  I'd be home in no time!

I waited and waited and waited. No family.  I couldn't even hear them back there on the trail.  I moved to a different fallen log and practiced a pouty face.

I waited and waited and waited. Still no family; aren't they worried about me? I start picking at bark and smashing the bugs underneath.

I waited and waited and FINALLY I heard voices on the trail.  Happy giggling voices. Why are they so happy?  I was potentially lost and stolen and they're happy? giggling? This is ridiculous! I put on my practiced pout folding my arms across my chest, etc. We all got in the car and went home.

I guess I carried on with my evening plans having fun or whatever but I really don't remember.  What I do remember is a week later when Mom brought home the film that had been developed from the forest.  It was a whole roll of film of little kids playing leap frog down the trail, hiding behind trees, pretty little flowers and insects, giant trees, lots of little kids with smiling faces but only one picture of me.  I was sitting on a log at the end of the trail.

I really wished I had been in those other pictures.

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  1. Great story....I like the way of the new look for your blog. Great job Dani.


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