Thursday, April 15, 2010

Up all night

Boy was I tired last night. I had a long day of housework and homework, the kids had a half day of school and had friends over, I had a RS meeting and didn't get home until after 9. I couldn't wait to put on my most comfy warm PJ's, climb into bed and snuggle down into my fresh sheets and soft pillows. Aaahhh!

That's just what I did at 10 pm.

At 11pm I was still snuggled in but I wasn't feeling very comfy: my legs were feeling twitchy, my throat was dry and my husband was snoring. I got up to get a drink of water, check all the doors, windows and kids. I was very tired still so why wasn't I sleeping? I went back to bed to try again.

12:30. I'm sure I must have slept a little bit but mostly I've been tossing and turning and I am awake now with a terrible headache, my throat is dry again, husband is still snoring. I again get out of bed. I grab an oatmeal cookie and some hot herb tea to wash down my aspirin/Tylenol cocktail and wet my sore throat. I sit down to read the comics from what is now yesterday's morning paper.

As I get up to go to bed Cora walks into the dining room. Her cheeks are red, she feels hot, she says she has a tummy ache and her throat hurts. I get her a Tylenol, a drink, a piece of bread, a throat lozenge (and one for myself), and a vomit bucket--just in case. After a few minutes she is ready to go back to bed but wants me to join her. I climb into her bed and as she turns to kiss me goodnight her throat lozenge falls out of her mouth and into my hair.

Get up. Find the lozenge. Clean the hair. Replace the lozenge. Snuggle with Cora for a few minutes. Headache is intensifying. I get up and get my hot pad, put it over my shoulders and go back to my bed. It's 2 am.

2:45am. I've been laying in bed for a while, headache is not worse but it is not better and my hot pad is no longer hot. I get up to warm it in the microwave. While I'm waiting in the kitchen I hear Cora calling from her bedroom. I check on her. Her blankets have fallen, her tummy still hurts and her throat is still dry. She gets up to use the bathroom. I tuck her back in after giving her another lozenge and rub her tummy until she goes back to sleep.

My hot pad is cold in the microwave. I reheat it again, put it over my shoulders and don't feel one bit drowsy. I read for a little bit. Still not sleepy. I read some more. Still not sleepy. I take a look at my calendar and decide to finish up the budget report for the PTA meeting and write my blog. It is 4:30am. One hour until Dave gets up. Two hours until the kids get up. I guess I'll do some laundry and make the kids lunches.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are one dedicated mother! I'm so sorry about the terrible night. You really amaze me with everything you do. I don't know if I've ever met a more talented woman!


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