Friday, April 09, 2010

Two Hens a Laying!

We are so egg-cited! Two days ago we got our first egg from Lucy, the gray hen. We've been getting eggs from Rosie, the red hen, for about 9 days before that. Lucy lays large khaki colored eggs. Rosie lays small/medium tan colored eggs.

On Monday, before Lucy began laying we had our first taste test event (we've been saving all the eggs because I had loaded up on cheap eggs the week before Rosie started laying AND we wanted to have enough for everyone to enjoy and be "the first" to try a fresh egg). We cracked our Dooley eggs into one bowl and the store eggs into another bowl and compared the look and smell of each. The Dooley eggs had bright orange yolks and the yolks stood up higher and the egg overall looked less sloppy. Curiously there was also a distinct difference in smell: store eggs had no smell but all the kids insisted there was a faint cinnamon smell to the Dooley eggs. I had to agree.

We fried the eggs. There was no difference in appearance after cooking other than the yolk color. Then we cut one of each egg into pieces so each person could have a bite of each kind to compare. There was a marked difference in taste. The store eggs were like water compared to the Dooley eggs . Kinda like skim milk vs. 2% milk. The Dooley eggs weren't so much different in taste but rather had more taste. (Should I call them Dooley eggs? They're really the Dooley's chickens eggs but that is just too long. I will continue to call our chickens eggs "Dooley eggs" but please don't get confused and think we are laying eggs)

The taste test was fun. After that everyone had a fried egg of their choice and ham and toast and OJ while the chickens watched us through the back door.


  1. There is nothing better than super fresh eggs. They are tastier, fluffier and just better. They remind me of being on my grandmother's farm in Idaho. They raised 200 head of cattle, had a bazillion chickens, and had a most awesome garden. Enjoy the fruits of the chickens' labor.

  2. hahaa... I don't know why, but that just made me laugh that you mentioned the chickens watching you through the back door. Almost, a little evil? But sounds delicious! Love ya, sis! Miss you!


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