Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Fort Worden State Park, the conclusion

Spring Break 2010, day 1
Spring Break 2010, day 2

Days 3 &4:
It rained most of the day on Friday. We stayed in the RV playing games and watching movies until after lunchtime. Then we went in to Port Townsend and walked the streets taking refuge in book stores and toy shops. We told the kids that we would give each of them $15 to buy a memento, book or toy.

Cora spent hers right away on a mood ring and a huge Mad Libs book. Afton found a geode that she wanted but was hoping to spend the rest on a Littlest Pet Shop VIP. Unfortunately none of these toy stores carried Littlest Pet Shop--they were all real toy stores--she asked if she could spend the rest of her money at Michaels to purchase a treasure box for her geode. Kirkham found a Lego set that he wanted but was very upset that the Legos at this toy store cost so much. He asked if he could save his money to buy the same set at Target where he saw it on sale for $5 less. I'm so proud. Heath never found anything to buy and hasn't asked if he can carry over the $15 bucks to something else but I'm betting he's hoping we'll let him put it in his bicycle fund.

When we got back to the campground the rain had stopped but the wind was still blowing. I made dinner, the kids played games and Dave went out and took pictures. Here are two of my favorites:

Saturday morning we took down camp early and headed to the Dungeness Spit National Wildlife Refuge just 45 minutes West of Fort Worden. When there we packed a lunch and hit the trail to see how far the trail we could get before we had to leave for home.

Headed down the trail it doesn't look like we're heading toward the ocean but we are.

Dave, Heath and Kirkham take an early lead.

While us girls hang back and take some pictures.

More playing chicken with the waves. Look at those clouds!

We happen upon a shipwrecked boat. Not from last night though, I hope, it's pretty beat up.

The waves are incredible.
So are the clouds. This is the Olympic Mountains in the distance with freshly fallen snow from the storm the night before.

Afton is having a great time.

But Cora was having trouble keeping up until Mom gave up the sunglasses. Now Cora is happy again and may be able to make it back.

Oops, guess not. The promise of ding dongs gets her going again and soon we are back on the trail to the RV.

The trail up is pretty steep and so we take advantage of two lookouts along the way. Everyone takes a turn looking at the Lighthouse that is 3+ miles out, at the end of the spit. We only made it 1 mile. We'll come back and try again another time.

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