Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Fort Worden State Park, part 2

Day 2 at Fort Worden State Park
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Dave got home (to us at the RV) very late on Wednesday night. He rode through some very cold and very rotten weather and thankfully made it safely. We let him sleep in a little on Thursday morning. While he slept and I cleaned up sleeping stuff the kids went out to explore again. When they came back they were ready to show us some more of their discoveries. It was hiking time!

We set out up the trail from the RV campground. It was a pretty steep hill but the scenery is great and the day was perfect for a hike: sunny and cool.

At the top of the hill, Artillery Hill, we found more batteries. There were lots of doors, stairs, passageways and neat things to discover.

I just thought these doors looked cool. This is where ammunition was kept (I think).

We cautiously descend another flight of creepy stairs into darkness. Notice that the girls are going down before the boys! Once again, flashlights are necessary!

We emerge from an underground passageway.

Over the backside of one of the batteries we find the end of the world! A perfect spot for reflection.

What a beautiful day! What a beautiful Earth!

We are all getting hungry now, didn't think to pack a lunch. We go back to the RV, grab something to eat and the kids go out and fly kites for the afternoon.

And build forts on the beach.

OOoohhh!! This one has a surprise inside!

The skies are getting dark and cloudy and we get many phone calls from home warning us about a storm coming in. The winds pick up and after dinner the kids take their kite flying to the top of Battery Kinzie. The kites don't do well with such strong winds so we retreat to the RV for an evening of games and movies. We are rocked to sleep by the wind and feel more like we are in a boat than a motorhome.

All the rest will be posted tomorrow.

Spring Break 2010, day 3

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