Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Fort Worden State Park

Last Tuesday we finished all our Spring Break chores and loaded up the motorhome for some Spring Break fun. Wednesday morning we headed out across the Narrows Bridge, over the Hood Canal Bridge and past Port Townsend to Lovely Fort Worden State Park. This was the first time the family has been to this park (I visited several times as a kid) and we loved it!! We had a great 4 days and 3 nights away.

After our arrival and initial set up Dave had to drive back to Tacoma (we had towed his motorcycle) for his classes at PLU. I sent the kids out to explore until dinner time while I tidied things up a bit and spent some time relaxing, working on Chemistry homework and preparing dinner. After dinner the kids took me on a tour of all that they had found during their earlier explorations.

They found the beach! It never ceases to amaze them (and me) the waves always seem to hypnotize us all: the brief silence, the roll of the water, the crash of the wave and the rumble of the rocks and sand as the sea retreats to another momentary silence. Here we are all looking off the north shore of the park into the Straits of Juan de Fuca. In the distance is Whidbey Island and beyond that Lopez and San Juan Island.

We spent some time playing chicken with the waves. You can't tell by the pictures but the waves were huge but because of the incline of the beach they broke pretty close to shore and didn't climb too far up the sand. Yes, that is a parka that Cora is wearing--we are in Washington, never mind if it's the beach.

Found a few beautiful shells, rocks and other treasures.

My handsome Heath.

Atop a huge pile of rocks Heath and Kirkham survey the waves. Aren't the clouds beautiful and the sky so blue!

Sweet Cora catches her breath and warms her hands between runs at the waves.

The waves were really crashing hard into the rocks and providing quite an amazing show. Those are people heads up at the top of that rocky hill--the waves were that big!

Ahhhh! The sky, the clouds, the waves, the rocks and fallen timber. Nothing tops it off like four curious children. A perfect evening!

And then the real fun begins! Yes, it is a warning sign but it is not a "Stay out" sign. We trudge on.

And climb up

And in.

This is one of the many outdoor corridors of Battery Kinzie, one of the many batteries located at Fort Worden. It was fun to explore, especially the deep dark interior--be sure to bring your flashlights! These were used prior to WWII to protect the Puget Sound and Bremerton Naval Base from water attack.

This is the front side of Battery Kinzie. It stretches to three times the length of this picture and is absolutely incredible to explore. However, it is getting dark and we are getting tired. We'll do more exploring tomorrow when Dave is with us. We go back to the RV for a movie, snacks and a good nights sleep.

I'll post more about our trip tomorrow!
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