Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Less is more: 3 stories

1. This morning I walked into the kitchen to find my 13 year old stuffing the blender full of frozen fruit and pouring milk over the top of it all. I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast; he has watched me make them a thousand times: he just wanted to help me out and make extra for himself and the kids. He was surprised when the blender froze up on him. To remedy the situation we had to break up the frozen chunks of fruit that had stuck together, separate them out into two blender containers and add quite a bit more liquid to make them blend-able and drinkable. Though time consuming the end result was tasty. Unfortunately half of it went undrunk, he had made too much.

2. My mom and dad gave us their old couch last summer so we have had an extra couch in our basement for nearly nine months--the old one. It was kinda nice to have it on movie nights when we all stretched out for a good flick but most of time it was just in the way. We'd have to move it forward 3 feet to get into the toy armoire, slide it 2 feet to the right to get into the file cabinet and push it back to where it began to get into the bathroom or sit down on the other couch. This past weekend we gave it away to a family who had a house fire and thus no couch. The extra space was so thrilling that I began searching for other items to give away. With the couch I threw in a recliner and a bookshelf. I'm still thinking about giving them a sidetable. Yes, there are fewer places to sit and fewer shelves to put stuff on but, there are also fewer things to clean off, under and behind!!

3. I said three stories but I think you get the idea: more smoothie, more furniture, more stories, more anything is not better, it is only more. It's more time you've got to spend and smoothie you've gotta store. It's more stuff you have to take care of and balance out. And it's more you have to read and think about. I like less. . . . . . . . .

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