Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frozen Fun: Yogurt Pops

Over at Saar's Marketplace they usually have a good size selection of drastically reduced items that are near, at or past pull date. They have everything from cereals and pastas and baby food to butter, juice and yogurt.

This is where I typically purchase my yogurt. My family gobbles up yogurt so fast that it doesn't matter if it is near poll date, it won't survive more than a couple days anyways. And the price is fantastic: for a 6 pack of these Yoplait Trix yogurt, regular price $2.50+, I pay .50 cents. Each cup contains 4 oz of yogurt; the six pack includes---6 (wow)---cups; so that makes a total of 24 oz of yogurt for 50 cents: 2 cents per oz.

It makes me so happy when they have yogurt and I have a coupon for it too. I buy as many as I think my kids will eat before pull date. This past week my kids have discovered a new way to enjoy the super cheap yogurt which means I can buy even more now.

The kids take some of our old plastic popsicle sticks and shove them right through the aluminum top until it is seated all the way down into the yogurt.

They then place the popsicle-sticked yogurt and place it into the freezer for at least 3 hours. When the yogurt is frozen and they are ready to enjoy their treat. They remove it from the freezer and run it under hot tap water for 15 seconds, peel off the aluminum top and slide the pop out of the cup.

These pops are the perfect size for little hands and mouths and are also somewhat nutritious (does have lots of corn syrup as a sweetener). Cora wanted me to hurry and take this picture because she was so hungry and her mouth was watering for her breakfast yogurt pop. Popsicles for breakfast!!!

Afton couldn't wait for a pic and gobbled hers up. Yogurt cup popsicles: a quick, easy, fun way to use near pull date yogurt!

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  1. Yes, I go to Market place quite often for their selection of stuff too. I use a TON of yogurt too with daycare and all. That is something that the kids just gobble up. I always have fruits and veggies of course, but the yogurt is always the first things to be chosen. Great idea for the frozen yogurt. Thanks for the inspiration.


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