Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools

Some of my favorite jokes:

Mushroom walks into a bar, asks for a drink. Bartender tells him to beat it. Mushroom walks into a bar, asks for a drink. Again, Bartender tells him to get lost. Mushroom, once again, walks into a bar and again asks for a drink. Yet again the Bartender tells him to take a hike. The mushroom plucks up his courage and this time asks the bartender, "why can't I get a drink?" Bartender responds, "We don't serve your kind!" To which the mushroom responds,"But I'm a fun guy!" (Fungi, get it?!)

{I like this joke because it reminds me of my brother Heath. He was a real jokester. When he had cancer and was going to the doc all the time he started bringing a new joke to each appointment to try to get his doctor to laugh. Each week he would get a little sympathy chuckle. He did not want a sympathy chuckle however so he continued searching and bringing and telling a new joke each time. Finally the week he brought this joke into the docs office the doctor laughed hard. He had never heard that one.}

Question: Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Answer: Because 7 ate (8) 9.

{I like this joke because it was the first real joke that my son Heath was able to tell and deliver in a cadence that was sure to elicit a giggle from anyone he told it to.}

How'd the egg cross the road?
It scrambled across.

{I like this joke because it was the first joke that Kirkham ever told that made sense. You know how they go through that making up jokes stage where they say something totally off the wall and laugh like crazy while everyone else just stares at them like they've gone mad. Yeah. Well that stage was followed by this joke and so I love it.}

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