Friday, March 26, 2010

Who is that masked woman?

Photos courtesy Cora
Chopping Onions. I hate chopping onions! But that is what needed doing for the big Lake Louise Elementary School annual Potato Feed and so that's what I did. I chopped pounds and pounds of big, thick, juicy, green onions. But not without armoring myself first with goggles and a nice thick dishcloth/bandanna. Those darn onion fumes had no way of getting into my eyes and making me cry nor sneaking down my airways via my nose or mouth to make me hack or cough. I may look ridiculous but hey---my mascara didn't smear!
Now to get the wretched onion smell off my hands I used an old trick I picked up when I used to sell Pampered Chef. I got my hands wet and then rubbed them on my stainless steel faucet. Anything stainless steel will work. If you don't have a stainless steel faucet you can use your sink tub or a pot. Just rub your wet hands over it for a few seconds to a minute and then wash as usual. No more smell.

While were talking tips I'll throw another one out there that I have used for the last two Potato Feeds. Each year we divvy out the hundreds of potatoes between 5 of us to take home, wash, wrap with foil and return the next morning. Each of us has a 50lb box. I know what you're thinking "50 lbs of potatoes! That must take you forever to wash and wrap all those!" Nope, it doesn't. Here's the secret: unload the 50 lbs of potatoes into the dishwasher (make sure it's empty first. duh.) . Place them in carefully so you don't put too much weight on the top rack and so that they are strategically placed to all get washed. Turn the dishwasher to light wash. DO NOT add soap or detergent. Turn it on and walk away! 30 minutes later you come back to a dishwasher full of clean potatoes ready to be wrapped in foil!

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