Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break Surprise

I'm sorry about the teeny tiny pictures and the late post today. I have encountered some technical difficulties and your just really lucky to get anything--so don't complain!

Spring Break started with two beautiful sunny days in a row. The kids played in the yard and I enjoyed working in the yard. My daffodils are all open now and have formed a beautiful line of yellow nodding along the walkway.
The tulips are beginning to bloom also. Some of them are coming up in different colors than they came up last year, a peculiar phenomenon that I am unable to explain. They are all beautiful however so I am not complaining.
Dave wanted me to be sure to reassure you that the chicken is indeed all better after her terrible encounter with the dog two weeks ago. Her feathers are all back to normal, no more limping, and she will strut right over to the dog's kennel and peck along the edges for worms without even a flinch. Moe, the dog, watches her and her companion with tail wagging enthusiasm hoping for another chance to you know what! And one of the them left me a great surprise . . . . .

Our first egg!
It is small and slightly tan in color and absolutely beautiful. We got another one on Sunday and I'm awaiting our next arrival!! Hurray for eggs!!

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  1. There truly isn't anything better than a fresh egg....Yippee for your girls. They had better get a layin'.


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