Monday, March 08, 2010

Relief! Reward!

Just got back from the testing center. I think I missed 8 multiple choice but since they are multiple choice I may have correctly "guessed" them (cross my fingers!) and I know I got one essay totally wrong. I completely, totally and absolutely had NO idea what the answer was. I don't even remember studying anything about it!

Oh Well. As Dave says I am taking the classes to get my degree, not A's. As long as I pass the classes (D or better) I still get my degree. That is really, really hard to do--I want all A's!!

When it comes right down to it I think I'll end up with a B in this monstrous, overwhelming, difficult, nitpicky, 2 credit class that has taken more time and energy and studying than my 4 credit courses. At least it is over.

Now it is time to reward myself with a generous bowl of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia! I picked up a quart from the Grocery Outlet on the way home for only $2.99! That is a quart at the price of a pint!

I'll write you a full run down on my trip to Grocery Outlet tomorrow. See you then.

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