Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More on coupon shopping

I've been working on improving my shopping rating in comparison to my sister. I have been using her links and her ideas and have expanded my store repertoire to include Walgreens, RiteAid and Target. I have saved quite a bit of money using this new method but not as much as I thought I would; not as much as my sister has.

I have decided that, like grocery store coupon shopping, there is a learning curve to drug/variety store coupon shopping. You have to get the knack of collecting their coupons and reading their ads. Their coupon policies are different from grocery stores and from each other. Their store layouts are way different and change often.

For instance last week I went into Walgreens for a few items, 45 minutes later I emerged. I had a tough time finding the products and the sizes. I had to figure out how to read their tags to make sure I was getting the advertised items. I spent time chatting with the checker (there were no other customers at the time) trying to make sure I was using my register rewards properly. In the end I walked out with $35 worth of products for $10 out of pocket. I also had register rewards left over for another shopping trip and a receipt to submit for a$7.99 rebate. It was definitely worth my time! (Check out for a guide to shopping Walgreens)

Shopping at Rite Aid isn't as complicated as shopping at Walgreens (the register rewards really can be a pain in the rear) but you do have to remember to submit your "single check rebate" online after the fact. This takes only a few minutes to input the information but it takes up to 5 days for the information to arrive from the store and then at the end of the month you have to remember to request your check be sent. They send you emails but until I get the hang of it it is going to be a bit bothersome. After I receive my March Single Check rebate I will have spent $5 out of pocket for $50 in product. Again, well worth the time spent riding the learning curve. (Check out for a guide to shopping Rite Aid)

Of the three new stores I am coupon shopping Target is the closest to grocery store shopping. You can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon for each item. There are no special rewards programs or rebates or anything tricky. I spent $7 for about $30 worth of products.

Yeah, I'll get used to this.

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