Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I give. You win!

My sister and I have had an ongoing battle over who is the best shopper. By best shopper I mean who can get the most for the least.

Originally she was the winner because she had WIC. (I personally don't think that's playing fair)

Then I was the winner because of all my coupons stacked on top of sales and such.

Now she is the winner again. This time I blame South Carolina.

She moves to South Carolina, out of my grasp, makes new coupon friends and now she is instantly Big Ms. Coupon! She is hands down outsaving me. Last week she came home with over $65 in products and she only spent $1.75 (it may have been even less than that. Dacia did you get rebates too?)

She's got me on my knees begging for some of her newly amassed knowledge. These are the tidbits she has thrown me so far. -- a great website for shopping lists, best deals, coupons. About 2/3 of the content is geared towards Southern U.S. groceries but the other 33% is national chains like Target, Rite Aid and Walgreens. They have an awesome tips, tutorials and getting started guides too. and shortcut$.com are two websites that load coupons onto your store club/savings cards. In my area they do QFC, Fred Meyer, and Safeway. They have many store reward programs throughout the U.S. By using this site you can load coupons onto your card and they will automatically be deducted at check out. I have loaded my cards but haven't had the opportunity to use any of the coupons yet. I let you know how it goes.
--this is not a coupon nor a money saving site. This is just a plain old good food site that Dacia has discovered since moving and visits at least daily. I don't check it out nearly as often as she does but I have found some very yummy recipes on there that I intend to use soon.

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