Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Grocery Outlet

It has been at least 5 years since I've been in a Grocery Outlet. I have friends who swear by Grocery Outlet: "it is the best place to shop." But in my experience it has always been hit and miss and, well, I don't have time for hit and miss.

However, yesterday, after taking my RelA212 test and completing it in under 45 minutes, I had some time to spare and I was driving right past Grocery Outlet on my way home. I stopped in for a little look-see. I wanted to see if anything had changed in the past 5 years.

Nothing had changed. Grocery Outlet carries just about everything a regular supermarket has: frozen foods, produce, canned goods, dry goods like cereal and crackers and chips, toiletries, cleaners, and household "stuff". Grocery Outlet claims lowest prices but a lot of stores do that. The bottom line is they all have a bottom line and have to make money to survive. Their prices are by no stretch of the imagination rock-bottom prices. I noticed that many of their prices are the same as regular prices at Albertsons or Safeway--not on sale.

But that's not to say they don't have a few good prices. Yesterday I did tell you I bought a quart of Ben & Jerry's ice cream for $2.99, a decent price. I also bought a 5# bag of blueberries for $5.99, a pretty good price. And, I also bought--are you ready for this--36 cans of peaches at 50 cents a piece! The cans were 29 oz size!! That's a great price.

To be a successful shopper at Grocery Outlet, as at any store, it is very important to know your prices. You need to know how much blueberries sell for by the pound and how much your favorite treats cost and how much to pay for canned food or you're going to get caught in their gimmicks (the price tags that say "our price $xx.xx, other stores $xx.xx, savings of $XX.XX!!"). Don't believe the gimmicks, believe your facts and know your prices and you too will find a few good deals at the Grocery Outlet.

see my newly updated Grocery Price Index and let me know if I should add anything to it.

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  1. Hey Dani! Have you ever tried WinCo Foods? They are really great. I compared their prices with my list of sale prices and everything is either the same, or better than the "good" sale price. They have one here in Kent, but I think there is one in Puyallup too. They have a bulk food section that is AMAZING! I'm never shopping anywhere else (unless Albertsons is doing their .99 butter sale):-)


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