Wednesday, March 03, 2010

First week of March best deals!

Did you get those Albertsons double coupons in the newspaper on Sunday? They were only in the newswpapers delivered to homes so if you were planning on picking one up from the dollar tree the doublers won't be in there. These doublers are good until the 6th! YES, the 6th! So you still have time to track down a few extras from your neighbors or family members.

Albertsons has a couple of great sales going on. They are the spend x get $10 off your next order sales so be sure to read the fine print and have the right products and amounts to qualify for the discount.

The best deals at Albertson's this week are:
  • Cameo Apples 68 cents/lb
  • 16 oz Darigold Sour Cream 99 cent w/ in ad coupon, -BOGO free manuf coupon from SS 1/24=.49 cents ea when you buy 2
  • Dreyers ice cream $1.99-$1 manuf coupon from SS1/31 (buy 10 participating items and get $10 off next purchase)=.99 cents
  • Old Orchard 12 oz frozen concentrate 100% juice $1.29 (buy 10 participating items and get $10 off next purchase)=.29
  • Angel Soft TP 12 double rolls $5.49 - .50 manuf coupon from RP 2/14 (buy $25 in participating items and get $10 off next purchase)=$2.80
  • Capri Sun $2 (buy $30 in participating product and get $10 off your next purchase)=$1.60
Fred Meyer
With in ad coupons
  • Fred Meyer canned tomatoes or beans 2/$1
  • Ed Hume and Lilly Miller Packet Seeds 50% off
Saar's Marketplace
with in ad coupons
  • Roma Tomatoes 69 cents/lb (limit 7#)
  • Haas Avocados 3/99 cents (limit 6)
  • 2 lb bag 71-90 count frozen raw shrimp $4.99 each (limit2)
  • Braeburn apples 58 cents/lb (limit 7#)
No coupon necessary
  • Pork Shoulder Butt Roast 99 cents/lb (10# or more)
  • Navel Oranges 48 cents/lb
  • Rio Star Grapefruit 6/$2
  • Cabbage 2#/88 cents


  1. Dani, I bought my papers at the Dollar Store and there were Albertson's doublers in there. Just FYI

  2. Hey Dani! This is awesome, I wish I would have known you were doing this two years ago. The effort and work you put into your shopping let alone blogging about it is not lost on me. I know watching, clipping and calculating all these deals, discounts and etc are time consuming. I used to do this before I started school full time. The thrill of how much I could save every week used to be cause for huge bragging rights. LOL. I am way out of practice and honestly, the thought of putting that much work into grocery shopping again doesn't excite me, anymore. And as I am still studying for my CPA, time is still eluding me. However, in these economical times, it is more important than ever to exercise more frugal and wise shopping. So, as a new follower of your blog, I’m going to thank you now, for all the work you put into this as I plan on utilizing the fruits of your labor. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Kei


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