Friday, February 26, 2010

Washing the Dishwasher

Friday is pizza night. Make the fresh dough, toss the dough, spread the dough onto a pizza peel covered in corn meal, dress the dough and bake. I enjoy the rhythm and the relaxation of tossing the pizza and the quiet afforded by the kids watching their Friday night movie. I kinda go into a trance prepping pizzas.

Last Friday was no different, I made pizza for dinner like I always do. I served dinner to the kids in front of their movie and headed back to the kitchen to clean up my mess while daydreaming about my summer vacation. While unconsciously cleaning I threw the pizza peel covered in corn meal into the dishwasher. Big mistake! Saturday morning as Heath was unloading the dishwasher I realized my mistake when he pointed out the disgusting grit covering every dish and surface inside the machine.

This week I have cleaned out my dishwasher every day in an attempt to rid it of the grime. I have run the washer several times empty, I have dumped vinegar by the cup full in the bottom of the machine, I have wiped down the interior surfaces, all to no avail. I finally broke down and took a trip to Target in search of dishwasher cleaner.

"Dishwasher cleaner?" I was totally shocked the first time I spotted it on the grocery store shelf next to the rinse aids. I was perplexed by the idea of needing to clean something that is constantly employed washing other items. At least twice a day my dishwasher is run through with several tablespoons of detergent and gallons of hot water. But now, with the interior plagued by the incessant coating of corn meal, I thought, "That might just do the trick!"

For about $5 bucks I picked up a bottle of Finish dishwasher cleaner. It didn't look like much but short of uninstalling the dishwasher and cleaning out the hoses and filters by hand I didn't have any other options. I took it home, peeled the seal off the top and set it in my dirty empty dishwasher. I started up the dishwasher and crossed my fingers. The label said it would clean the interior and unclog drains; I had high hopes.

An hour later I opened my dishwasher and discovered . . .(cue: the voices of angels) a gunk free interior! It was like I had a whole new machine. I have now run 4 loads of dishes successfully with not a spot, smear or speck of corn meal or otherwise. I highly recommend, next time you find your dishwasher underperforming, first check your detergent (remember my trouble with detergent last year? read the post), next try 1 cup of vinegar poured in the bottom of the tub, and if all else fails use Finish dishwasher detergent. It worked for me.

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