Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Shopping List

Ladies, you already know what you're doing for your Valentine so you don't need this post. Instead you will notice down at the bottom of this post there is a little envelope icon. That is the "email this post" button. I will be emailing this big hint to my Valentine and encourage you to do the same.

This post is for the men
Alright guys, money is tight and Valentine's Day is upon us. You know you love your gal. You know she is pretty and perfect and priceless BUT . . .Valentine's Day isn't (priceless I mean)! Candy circulars, jewelery commercials and even automobile ads would have you believe that the more you spend the more she'll know you care. Restaurants and Spas entice you to bring your lady to them; they'll take care of her for you--for a price. "Buy her lingerie . . .", "Get her a teddy bear . . .", "Give this to her . . ." they all say, " . . .to show her how much you care."

Is this really all necessary? Does a necklace, negligee or new car really mean true love? I don't think so. So what does? What can you do for your girl to show her that if you could you'd buy her the world because she is the center of yours; how to show her you cherish her without looking like a cheapskate.

EASY!!! Guys, it's staring you in the face. Just think WWSW (What Would She Want). She wants what she's been asking for. She's always asking you for things, what is she asking for?! Here is a list:
  1. Help with the kids --Kindly gather them together and read them a story or play a game with them--yes, video games are games but only if all the kids can participate. Distract them with a project or help them with their homework, kindly--no yelling, please.
  2. Help with the dinner/dishes --Make dinner. It doesn't need to be fancy just something so she doesn't have to do it. AND THEN clean up afterwords; have the kids help.
  3. Help with the laundry--You see all those big piles, either clean in the laundry room or dirty in the bedrooms? Get rid of them; have the kids help.
  4. Back rub/foot rub--While she is sitting at the dinner table walk around behind her and give her a shoulder rub, just a couple minutes worth while everyone is still at the table. Kiss her on the neck once when your done and go back to your seat and continue conversation with the family. Give her a wink! While watching TV or a movie gather her feet into your lap and give her a little foot rub, again just a few minutes worth goes a long way!
  5. A small repair finished--You know that door hinge that's loose or the squeaky cupboard or the faulty light switch or the burned out light bulbs? Take care of it!!! Have the kids help.
  6. Her car washed--The kid crumbs and papers and toys and smell in her car is driving you crazy. The exterior looks like she may have gone 4 wheeling while you were at work. She obviously hasn't had time or the will to get it done. Do it for her; have the kids help.
  7. Time alone with you--Not that kind of time!! That's your Valentines present ;)! Time to visit and catch up and talk about what's on her mind. Time to snuggle up and watch a show together. Time to work on a project together. Time to be quiet together.
She may have other things on her list. Think about what she wants, what she's been asking for and pick one or two of these things to give to her and complete it. THEN, write her a love note (love not lust!) and buy her some flowers.

Here are the best prices on flowers in the Tacoma area this week:
Tulips--QFC, 3 bunches for $10 (5 stems per bunch)
Gerbera Daisies--QFC, $6.99 (6 stem bunch)
Dozen Roses--Albertsons, $14.99
or a potted plant or tree from Lowe's or Home Depot
To go with your potted gift you could say something mushy like "It is to symbolize how my love for you has grown and will continue to grow." (yucky mush)
Or, something cute like, "so you can think of me when you're out in the garden".
Or, something sensible like, "I know you want to make the yard a beautiful place for our family". Just please avoid saying something rude like, "don't kill it!"

There is just no reason to feel like a cheapskate at Valentine's Day when you're blessing your Betty with exactly what she wants. For as little as $3.99 (tulips), a few notes jotted down on paper and an hour or so around the house you can make this Valentine's day the sweetest one ever!

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  1. You are a brilliant woman, Dani. I wish every man would read (and heed) this advice!


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