Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tie your shoes!

Cora has been struggling with tying her shoes. She knows how to do it but she gets frustrated with how long it takes (she can't even sit still to tie her own shoes!).

The other day I found these videos on tying shoes for her. She thought it was funny that even adults have a hard time tying their shoes sometimes. These are NYC marathoners!!

(right click on this link and open in another window)

Here is a video on how to tie your shoes the correct way:

Here is a link to the Runners World article with a flowchart and diagrams on the correct way to tie your shoes:,7120,s6-240-319--13001-0,00.html

Here is another fun site with lots of pictures and diagrams of creative and useful ways to lace and tie your shoes: Ians shoelace site

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  1. dani, thank you for the links. my autistic son can't tie his shoes and we are struggling to help him. Hopefully this will help! :) Kate


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