Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tamales! Raviolis! the Zoo! the Olympics!

This past weekend was a 4 day weekend. No school for the kids on Friday or on Monday. We took advantage of the time by trying out a couple new recipes and a few fun activities.

On Thursday night the girls had a sleepover with Grandma Heather. They enjoyed staying up late, watching movies, going to the mall and eating lots of yummy treats. They didn't get home until Friday evening.

On Friday morning Dave, the boys and I headed over to the church bright and early to serve breakfast to the youth group before they headed up to the mountain for a snow trip. We cooked up a bunch of french toast, scrambled eggs, ham and OJ and then kissed the boys good-bye for the day. Dave headed out for District swimming championships and I had the day to myself. I used the time to do some cleaning, shopping and cooked up a beef roast, mexican style, in preparation for tamales. That night we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

On Saturday Dave was gone again for District Swimming and the kids and I bummed around the house doing projects, playing and making tamales. I had never made them before but I had watched an episode of Good Eats about tamales and had a good recipe from my friend Jennece. I also used my favorite mexican food blog, Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican, as a resource. The tamales turned out fantastic! They did take a long time to assemble but they were fun to do. We ended the day staying up late to watch the Olympics.

Sunday was a very full day. We left the house at 8:15am and didn't get back until 8:30 pm! At 9am my brother-in-law was blessing his beautiful new daughter Maren in University Place; we joined them there. After that we went to church in Lakewood followed by a family luncheon back in University Place. From the luncheon we went to cousin James' baptism, 5-6pm, after which we went to Gramma Heather and Papa Bob's house for dinner,visiting and watching the Olympics.

On Monday, after getting some work done in the morning, Dave announced he was taking us all to the zoo. Boy oh boy, it is so much easier to take kids to the zoo when they are old enough to walk on their own!! I think it was my best visit to the zoo ever! The weather was perfect. The crowds weren't too bad and the polar bear and the arctic foxes were out! After walking around the zoo for a few hours we drove down to the beach. Dave and I sat and snuggled on a bench while the kids played tag on the driftwood and skipped rocks. There was a couple that brought their dog down to the water and they were throwing a huge stick of driftwood out into the water and the dog kept retrieving it. It was fun to watch and a large crowd gathered. Time to go home.

For dinner on Monday I made our Valentine's dinner (since we'd eaten grandma's Valentine's dinner the night before). I made homemade cheese ravioli--my first time ever--with a delicious red sauce, spinach salad, fresh baked artisan bread and italian sodas. The dinner was a big hit even though some of the raviolis were a little undercooked. Next time I'll roll the dough a bit thinner. We ended the night watching the Olympics.

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