Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 3rd week shopping list and menu

Here's my weekly shopping list in which I use the grocery ads and coupons to feed my family of 6 for under $60 each week. To learn more about how you can save money at the grocery store read my Grocery Shopping 101 series of posts. This list is specific to Puget Sound area stores and sales.

Shopping List
* with in-ad coupon
**at this price when minimum purchase requirements are met. see store ad for details

Saar's Marketplace
*4#Broccoli Crowns 57cents/lb
*3 dozen eggs 99cents/doz
1 head cabbage 48 cents/lb
7# navel oranges 48 cents/lb
celery 88 cents/ea
bananas 48cents/lb
estimated total $13.50

1 box cheerios 14 oz $2-.75 manuf coupon
2 boxes cinnamon toast crunch 17 oz $2 ea- $1 manuf coupon
2 6.4 oz Colgate toothpaste 99cents/ea -50 cent manuf coupon -50 cent manuf coupon
2 6.4 oz Crest toothpaste 99 cents/ea - 75 cent manuf coupon-75 cent manuf coupon
4 Safeway 2 liter soda 75 cents/ea
estimated total $8.61

*12 Yoplait Yogurt 39 cents/ea -40 manuf coupon-40 manuf coupon
*2 Quilted Northern TP12 double roll $5.49 -$1 manuf coupon-$1 manuf coupon
estimated total $12.88

Fred Meyer
2# Asparagus $1.28/lb
*2 2lb Cheddar Cheese $3.99 ea
*8 1/2 gallons milk 4/$5
estimated total $20.58

H&L Produce
4# Fuji Apples 50 cents/lb
1 Lettuce $1
2 Peppers 2/$1
estimated total $4

Estimated grand total $59.57
I'm visiting a lot of stores this week but I've got other errands near all these stores anyways so it won't be a big deal--I'm driving all over town anyways!

This is what we are going to have on the menu using this $60 worth of groceries and the stockpile in my pantry and freezer from previous weeks and months of $60 shopping lists. Remember that one of my New Year's goals is to serve a meatless meal once a week, and we have three theme nights per week: Taco Tuesday, Pizza Friday, and Breakfast for dinner on Sundays.

Wednesday--Clam Chowder, tossed salad, sourdough bread
Thursday--Thai peanut chicken and noodles with broccoli
Friday--Pizza night! Pizza with artichokes and red peppers, Garlic shrimp pizza
Saturday--Vegetarian Chili, cornbread, and coleslaw
Sunday--Breakfast for dinner! Waffles with Strawberries and whip cream, bacon
Monday--Molasses Salmon, Baked potatoes, Asparagus
Tuesday--Taco Tuesday! Chimichangas, Spanish Rice and Black beans

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