Thursday, February 25, 2010

Desert Island Selections: Clothes

It may completely surprise and shock some of you to find out that my BYU Bachelor of Science degree was had studying Fashion Design. Yes, I am a Fashion Design major. This will most likely surprise those of you who know me well and have seen the way I dress: very basic. In my defense my focus was on the pattern engineering more than design.

Anyhow, I was thinking this morning, while tapping my toe waiting for my favorite jeans and sweat shirt to finish tumbling in the dryer, "I think I could be perfectly happy wearing these items every day if I could,if it were socially acceptable. In fact, if I were stuck on a desert island all I would need would be:

My Calvin Klein jeans with button pockets (this is not me in the pic). I think I paid $26.00 at Costco for these jeans sometime last fall. I have worn them at least twice a week ever since (I only have 3 pairs of jeans; I'm a minimalist). I love the way they fit, though I don't really know if they look good on me, they feel good and are the right length and cause minimal "muffin top" at the waistline. And they are still in great condition: no holes, minimal fading. They are probably at their half life and will last me through at least September without rips or tears. After that I'll still wear them just not out in public so much. After a year of wearing these jeans twice a week they will have cost me 25 cents per wear ($26 divided by 52 weeks x 2 wearings each week = .25)

An Old Navy fleece hoodie. I got hooked on old navy hoodies about 6 years ago when I purchased a pink one. When that one got holes in it and Dave told me to stop wearing it in public I bought a white one. When the white one started thinning and got two big stains on the front I got myself a brown one. I still have the pink and white ones but use them for outside work or wearing with pajamas. I bought the brown hoodie on sale at Old Navy last Christmas (2008) when it was on sale for $12. I wear this hoodie every chance I get around the house and try to limit myself to once a week outside the house. It is nearing the end of it's public life due to some grease spotting on the chest and sleeve but after wearing it three times a week for the last 14 months it has cost me a whopping 7 cents per wear ($12 divided by 61weeks x 3 wearings each week).

My Shade Classic Cap Sleeve top. I love these tops and have several of them in different colors. I wear them under sweaters, tops, shirts and on their own. They are tight and offer a little compression to keep the tummy side bulges in check but not so tight that they are uncomfortable. They wash well, keep their shape, fit comfortably and are never on sale--that really drives me crazy! But considering I wear each shade top at least once a week and each one has lasted me at least a year before needing replacement the original $17.50 spent on these tops breaks down to a cost of 34 cents per wearing at the most. ($17.50/52 weeks) A totally acceptable cost considering I can continue to wear them as an underlayer for much longer (this is assuming I am replacing them because of stains, which is the only reason I've had to replace them).

That's all I'd need. I prefer going barefoot so no shoes. If I got too hot I'd cut off my jeans and take off my sweatshirt. Yes, I could be completely happy and satisfied on a desert island with only my three favorite pieces of clothing.


  1. You said something HILARIOUS to me. You said, "while tapping my toe waiting for my favorite jeans and sweat shirt to finish tumbling in the dryer"...WHAT?????? You still use your DRYER? Didn't I show you what a great drying rack I have and use ALL THE TIME? Didn't I tell you that by using said rack, I have saved between $30-$40 bucks per MONTH because I am NOT drying my clothes. Yes, my clothes come out stiff, but after only minutes of wear, they are soft and fine. As an added bonus, my towels exfoliate my skin for FREE ! Who needs expensive salon beauty treatments? Not me....well I do really need them....but I am NOT going to pay for them. A LA NATURAL for me. Anyway....I just had to raz you.

  2. Since I refuse to wear an apron for 60 percent of my day (the average portion I spend cooking, I swear!), I tend to get a lot of grease stains on my clothes. I have found an excellent treatment for this is to wet the spot with water, and then rub Fels Naptha soap into it until the whole spot turns yellow with the soap. I have had very good luck getting grease stains out this way, even if they had previously gone through the washer and dryer. Although sometimes I've had to do this twice to get rid of a stain, it still works better and is much cheaper than other commercial stain removal products.


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