Monday, February 22, 2010

Coach of the Year

I don't often take the opportunity to brag about my husband for two reasons. First, I know it would make ya'll very jealous and I really want to keep you all as trusting friends not covetous adversaries. And, second, because he would be very embarrassed if he found out he was the subject of my online journaling. But today I am just so proud of him that I can't hold back (can you see him turning 3 shades of red?).

This weekend at the High School 3A State swimming championships my hubby had the honor of being named the . . . .
In case you can't read that it says:
Washington State
Swim Coaches Association
Boys State
High School Swimming
Swim Coach of the Year
I've long thought that he was the best swim coach I've ever associated with but now there's proof!

Congratulations Dave on a job well done. Congratulations Lakes High School Boys Swimming for a successful season full of hard work and improved times.


  1. That is awesome! He really does deserve this.


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