Monday, January 04, 2010

Travel: Let's go Clamming!

"Hop in the car. We're going clamming" Dave announced. "A great way to spend New Years Eve AND test out the abilities of the new truck". Dave's last Christmas present was a 97 Ford F350 Supercab. It's not new-new but he sure is happy with it!
We all glady climbed in the big rig and set out for a day of adventure with dad at the helm. Afton got to sit up front between mom and dad. There's so much room up front that it feels like a King size bed! Dave may look like he is grimacing but he's not--he's concentrating on the crazy New years day traffic out of town. He was happy as a clam setting out on this end of the year adventure.

Cora was very excited about the prospects of clams and was all too happy to pull on the winter wear in preparation for a cold evening at the beach.

Heath brought along his newspaper. Heaven forbid he miss a day. How he can read without getting car sick I'll never understand. I almost got sick just from turning around to take these pictures!

Kirkham too enjoyed the ride reading.

This rig is HUGE! Cora is ready to hit the beach in her old ski parka, rain boots, hat and several layers of clothes. Remember, this is a Washington beach in the middle of winter--it's cold!

In search of clams, the boys and Dave make their way out to the wild Washington waves. The picture does not do justice to the wicked winds and pelting rain bearing down on us all. It was not a comfortable day at the beach but they were there for a purpose. CLAMS BEWARE!

Afton and Cora join in the fun looking for clam dimples--a not so easy task on this clamming day.

Caught by a wave Dave marks a dimple with his toe and holds his ground waiting to dig until the water recedes.

These brave girls are loving every minute of this cold, wet adventure. Everything's better in pink!

Kirkham uses/models the new clam gun (stay tuned tomorrow for a tutorial on making your own).

"Push Heath, harder, get that clam!" Once a dimple is found you place the clam gun over the dimple and push it down into the sand as quick as you can. If you've done it right and fast when you pull the gun back out you will have a gun full of sand and clam. If you've done it wrong you will have only sand. Either way you'll have a backache!

Can you believe that the girls and I got cold? Well, we did. We headed back to the relative warmth and comfort of the truck. To bide our time we took a nap . . . . .

NOT! To bide our time in the pitch dark the girls struck poses and I took flash photos in the darkness. We had fun seeing what I could catch them doing. Pretending to sleep, being crazy, and . . .

Smelling their feet?! EWWW! Well, they had fun anyways.

Waiting, waiting for the boys to come back. We watched other trucks drive up and down the beach their headlights framing each other in the hazy windy night.

In the distance we could see hundreds of lights at the beaches edge; each light a lamp on the head of a clammer. Three of those lights somewhere in the distance were our clammers. Were they cold? Were they tired? Were they finding any clams?

And then they arrived out of the darkness, three soaking wet and thoroughly happy clammers with a grand total of 13 clams. Hey--we didn't say we were good at this--just that it was an adventure we wanted to try.

On the way home we stopped at Dave's cousin Jeff's home. He and Renee generously warmed us up, fed us some dinner and supplied us with a few bags of frozen clams to make the trip worth our while.

On the way home we all fell asleep--except Dave of course--He was happy as a clam driving his brood home in his new truck, making plans to go out again in two days. He did go back with Heath and his friend Len on Saturday night. They came home with 45 clams, a full limit for each of them. Stay tuned tomorrow for instructions on making your own clam gun and then later this week for how to clean a razor clam and how to cook a razor clam.
My clam series: Clamcakes, Cleaning Clams, Make your own Clam Gun, The family goes Clamming


  1. how fun! i especially love the picture of dave and the two boys when they are first heading out- what great memories you will all have forever and ever. thanks for the christmas card by the way, we enjoyed it so very much!!!

  2. I love how you are spontaneous. And I also LOVE your new truck. Isn't it fun getting a new vehicle. Even though it isn't "new" it is new to you and your don't have to loose all the money on a brand new vehicle. Yay for the Dooleys. Clamming sounds like fun....eating them does NOT ! I am NOT a seafood gal. I know, can I live in the beautiful Puget Sound and not like seafood? I am an anomaly for sure. Thanks for the goodies too. They were deelish !


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