Thursday, January 07, 2010

Clean Clams

First off I must post a disclaimer: I do not clean the clams. When the clamming trip is over I prefer to be in charge of putting the gear away and the wet sandy clothes in the wash and getting the kids clean and in fresh warm pajamas. Dave and the boys are in charge of the clam cleaning. So instead of a tutorial on how to clean clams here is my "pictorial". Double check these other great sites for more detailed instructions on cleaning your clams and

After the clamming trip be sure to clean you clams as soon as you get home and keep them cool until you get there. We kept our clams in a bucket of ocean water until we got home. When we got home we dumped out the ocean water and re-filled the bucket with cold fresh water. Left in our cold garage they were fine until the next morning when we could clean them (they were still alive).

Dave shows off three of the clams. The long part on the right is the neck and the short little part on the left (of the bottom clam) is the foot or digger.

After putting the clams through a quick hot bath and ice bath the shells pop right open. Aren't they pretty inside!

Here Heath is rinsing and processing the clams under cool water. he has gotten this down and is pretty quick. Heath, Dave and Len were able to process 45 clams in about 2 hours time.

Here he is cutting open the neck to remove the gooey insides.

Cutting out the gooey insides.

After it is all cleaned this is what you end up with. All clean and ready to cook!

Or store it in freezer bags with a little water. Be sure to label how many clams you put in the bag and the date you processed them. They should be used with 3-6 months if frozen or 1-2 days if refrigerated.

Len and Heath: proud of their catch.
My clam series: Clamcakes, Cleaning Clams, Make your own Clam Gun, The family goes Clamming


  1. This is why I hate sea food...GROSS!

  2. So glad you put this up. I love the pics and the narration and how you are so encouraging for other families to go out and try it! It's all about the experience. Thanks to your clam series we are going to the dig on Long Beach this weekend! Thanks so much :)

  3. You are very welcome Amy. I hope you enjoy your trip and I'd love to hear how it goes!


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