Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shopping list and Menu 12/23-12/30

Here's the weekly shopping list in which I use the grocery ads and coupons to feed my family of 6 for under $60 each week. I never got around to shopping my Albertson's list last week even though they came out with double coupons on Sunday. I only shopped Fred Meyer because they had some toys on sale that I needed for Christmas other wise there wouldn't have been any grocery shopping again due to not enough time and plenty in the pantry and freezer. I spent just over $30 there which means I have another $27 to add to my under-budget grocery account (remember that I was already under budget by over $40). To see how you can save money at the grocery store read my Grocery Shopping 101 series of posts.

Shopping List
Fred Meyer
4 Butter 2/$3 w/in-ad coupon
2 2 lb cheddar cheese $3.99 ea w/in-ad coupon
3 gallons milk $1.99 ea
2 18 pack eggs 2/$3 w/in-ad coupon
5 2 lb bags powdered sugar $1 ea w/in-ad coupon
5 2 lb bags brown sugar $1 ea w/in-ad coupon
Total approx $33

Wednesday-Lasagna, fresh baked bread, salad, green beans
Thursday-dinner at the in-laws we'll be taking 2 pumpkin pies and a fruit and cream jello salad.
Friday-dinner at the folks we take scalloped potatoes and apple pie
Saturday-hand tossed pizza
Sunday-Crepes, fruit compote, bacon
Monday-Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits
Tuesday-Beef Soft Tacos, beans, rice

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