Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shopping List 12/16-12/23

After all my careful planning and preparation I did not use the shopping list I posted last week. With all my car trouble mixed in with the hub-bub of pre-Christmas life I just plain ran out of time and the will to grocery shop last week. It is weeks like last week that make me thankful for my freezer and pantry full of meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy items, canned and boxed goods all purchased at sale prices during previous weeks and months of grocery shopping. There is nothing better than approaching the end of a stressful day knowing you've got everything you need for a quick, easy and healthful family dinner already in your kitchen. Phew!

I did go to the store yesterday though. I applied some of the funds from last week's grocery budget towards this week. The rest of the allotted budget will be saved to go towards next week's list or absorbed into Christmas presents or the car repair bill. Here's what I got this week:

4 lbs butter $1.38 ea with in-ad coupon
2 16oz Darigold sour cream 99 cents each with in-ad coupon -30 cents ea manuf coupon
2 2lb Cheddar Cheese $3.58 each with in-ad coupon
2 heads celery 58 cents each with in-ad coupon
3# yams 39 cents/lb with in-ad coupon
.5 # mushrooms $1.99/lb with in-ad coupon
7# Fuji and Honeycrisp apples 58 cents/lb with in-ad coupon
5# bag granny smith apples $2.77
5# oranges 48 cents/lb with in-ad coupon
2 16 oz cottage cheese 50 cents each unadvertised sale
1 pkg lasagna noodles $1.29 (not on sale but I can't get that much cottage cheese without having lasagna noodles on hand)
Total $32.67

4 gallons milk $1.99 each
1 pinneapple $1.99 each
6 Chex Cereals $1.99 each (when you buy 3) -$3 in manuf coupons
2 5# boxes satsumas $3.77 ea
8 Red baron pizzas 2/$5 -$8 in manuf coupons
1 Hillshire Farms lil' smokies FREE with in-ad coupon
2 lucerne whip cream $4.99 BOGO FREE
Total $43.37

So far I've spent $76.04 which means I still have $43.96 left over from my 2 week/$120 grocery budget. IF I've got time I may stop in at Albertson's this week to pick up the following sale items:
6 12pack Albertson's soda $1.69 each
12 Kellogg's cereals $1.67 each - $5 in manuf coupons
16 Del Monte canned vegetables 2/$1 - $2 in manuf coupons
2 Nabisco Crackers $1.79 each - $1 manuf coupon
2 Club Crackers $1.99 each - $1 manuf coupon
Precooked, frozen shrimp, 51-60 count, $4.99/lb
Total approx $44

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  1. I know what you mean about not having time or energy to grocery shop. I, too, have been grateful for my ample store of groceries bought on sale. Thanks for teaching me your ingenious system!


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