Thursday, December 31, 2009

Setting Goals

Long term goals (these are continuations from years past):
  1. Continue to be a stay-at-home mom
  2. Simplify--a--get rid of more "stuff" around the house. If it doesn't have a place to be: toss it! If I don't use it, need it or love it: toss it! If it will give someone else greater pleasure or use: toss it (to someone else)!--b--Get rid of more "stuff" in our lives. All activities that cost too much in time, money or mental capacities must go. If it doesn't support the needs of all our family members it must go.
  3. Continue having daily personal/family prayer and scripture reading and once a week family night.

New Goals for 2010:
  1. Finish Bachelors degree this year.
  2. Improve family diet by serving vegetarian at least once a week and serving more whole foods on a daily basis. Decrease family sugar intake.
  3. Finish two old projects for every new one I start (yes, my house is full of unfinished projects).
Some pretty basic goals that should get me into some great daily habits of daily study, good health and stress reduction. I will spend some time breaking these goals down into even smaller chunks as needed. I will know I have accomplished these goals when I get my degree, my family doesn't complain about healthy food (is that possible?), and my unfinished project list is cut in half.

What are your goals this year?


  1. My goals are simply: Read the scriptures for sunday school before sunday. Pray with Josh every day. Be mindful of family budget. VT. and others...

  2. I like your goals for the new year-Mine are similar! The one I want to add is to be more patient. Hope your family has a great new year!


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