Monday, December 07, 2009

Making a few changes

Well, my friends, I must tell you I am having a great time doing this blog thing. I enjoy having a reason to sit and write every day and love hearing from you--both online and in-person--that you like reading it. I almost feel the time I spend writing is a guilty pleasure, a bit of "me" time in my fast paced family centered life and I'm so grateful you're willing to enable me in doing it.

I have been a dedicated daily writer (except weekends) for nearly a year now and my visit counter now reads over 10,000 visits since January. These are unique daily visitors meaning that if you visit the site more than once a day it only counts you one time (supposedly). It also means that over the past 11 months there have been an average of 909 visitors each month and 30 unique readers of the blog every day. This doesn't include those who subscribe by email (there's about 20 of you), feeds (about 15 of you), and followers (35) and never visit the blog directly. {By the way, if you don't visit the blog directly you are missing out on my great blogmusic, links and notes in the side panels--such a pity!}

Some of these visitors are my friends who like to visit my blog everyday--Hi Lisa and Andrea--others are family members like my Grandma Jewel down in Palm Desert, CA and my cousin John in NYC but most of you are e-friends whom I have never met in person. Whether you've stumbled upon the blog or heard about it from a friend or however you've ended up here I'm glad you came and I hope you continue coming back.

Over the year I have enjoyed making little changes here and there. I occasionally add a link to an article that I find interesting; I like to update my music selections; The backgrounds are in constant flux. These changes are always reflections of my moods and changing tastes and you are probably learning a lot more about me than even I intend to share.

My most recent change was made last night. I updated my whole side panel. I chose to make it shorter and put some of my link lists into blog postings instead of spread down the whole side panel. I also changed some of the blogs on the very, very bottom of my side panel under the "other blogs I like to read" header. I have included some of my favorite websites there as well as the blogs of friends and family. (If you would like me to include your blog on that list I would be glad to, just send me a little note--Andrea?)

I kinda shortened the side panel with the intention, maybe, to make room for future advertising? My dad keeps suggesting that I should sell ad space. I kinda already do that with the google adsense stuff that is over there (I've earned a whopping $10 this year from that), however, my blogging goal is not to make money but rather to share what I know, glean what I don't and give myself a little personal space, as mentioned above. Nonetheless if you are interested in supporting a stay-at-home mom-blogger with your advertising dollars send me a note! :)

Well anyways, thanks again for joining me on this little adventure called blogging and life. I look forward to bringing you many more days of blog reading bliss about my adventures as a stay-at-home mom, living cheap and being happy with what I've got. I hope you feel the same.


  1. Yes...please add me to your side bar. Thanks for asking. Thanks for yesterday.

  2. You can add me, too, if you'd like ( I do so enjoy reading your blog every day, you're like my own personal guru and I really appreciate having a friend who has the same views about homemaking that I do!


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