Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's freezing out there! Checklist

Can you believe that we haven't had temperatures over 43 degrees since last Wednesday, haven't been above freezing since Sunday and--just our luck--not a speck of precipitation either. Bummer! If I'm going to have to be cold I might as well get a little fun out of it; I want snow. I suppose I shouldn't complain, it could be worse. It could be 38 degrees and raining cats and dogs. At least it has been freezing and sunny.

I wasn't really paying much attention to the weather this past weekend, because it was so sunny, and was caught off guard by the freeze. Aaaccchhh! I hadn't gone through my pre-freeze checklist! My hoses were still out, my spickets uncovered, a few of my more hardy plants were still in pots waiting to be planted and not a speck of mulch was laid down over my garden beds. I also hadn't gotten quotes from the insulation company yet, nor had I gone through the kids winter clothes checking for complete matching sets of hats, gloves and scarves (we have plenty of mismatched sets, mind you).

Monday I discovered my frozen hoses and totally freaked out. These were the good, sturdy, long-life hoses I had purchased at the beginning of the summer and threatened lives in exchange for any damage done to them. Even the dog was afraid to mess with those hoses and I had carelessly left them hanging full of water allowing them to freeze. Frozen hoses of course means burst, broken or at least weakened hoses. I lay them on the sidewalk in the sun. Within a few hours they had softened somewhat. I drained them and threw them into the shed fully expecting come spring I would find holes upon inspection. Check.

While outside I attempted to crack a few holes in the ground. The shovel would only penetrate the soil that had been shined upon by the lovely golden orb in the sky but even these spots were tough. I was able to get the last few Rhodies, the Lavender and the Evergreen Clematis into the ground, their roots frozen solid. Check.

Yesterday Dave placed the insulative covers over the spickets but we still haven't got any mulch; it hasn't gone on sale and my compost pile is frozen!! Check, no-check.

I also called the insulation companies yesterday and made a few appointments for estimates. I am anxious to get some new insulation for three reasons. 1-My furnace has been on non-stop and my house is still cold because 2-my walls don't have ANY insulation, and 3-My energy provider (Puget Sound Energy) has a 50% rebate program and the Federal Government is offering tax breaks when you do improvements; both through Dec 31st. Mostly I just want to have a smaller gas bill during the winter. The first company comes out today, second quote will be tomorrow and third one on Monday. Check.

The kids didn't wait for me to go through their clothes for them; they knew they were cold! They picked, poked and pawed through their winter bins and found what they wanted: wool socks and gloves. One of them went to school with their pajama/long-johns on under their clothes. Another layered several sweatshirts. Cora's tennis shoes didn't fit over the wool socks so she wore her Hello Kitty rain boots to school. When she came home the back of the boots was blown out, I guess the wool socks were too much for them too. She/they were all warm though and that's what matters. Check.

Now, addtot he list: "new boots for Cora".

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  1. is stinkin' cold. Last night Heather and Monica Behm had a huge blow out in the pipe in their addition. There was a flood, literally, of water cascading everywhere. The hole in the pipe had to be two inches long. As soon as the water went under the doors, it froze. So, not only is it a horrible and expensive mess, but it was dangerous too. So aside from winterizing our homes, please make sure that folks have renters insurance . It is super cheap, and well worth the expense. It is less than 3 McDonald's meals per month. careful out there.


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