Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I LOVE Parkland Chevrolet

I'm not usually much of an endorser of businesses. I'm too easily enticed by deals and specials to stick to one place for too long. Unfortunately my dear Suburban has paid the price. The poor car has not received the service it has needed and has been coughing and sputtering with broken windshield wipers and door handles and squeaky brakes for such a long time that I almost forgot that that is not it's ideal running condition. Oops, time to get that fixed.

About a month ago I hired a friend, Steve at Steve's Automotive, to do part of the work. He replaced the door handle--it's oh, so nice to open the door without rolling down the window first-- replaced my fuel injection system stuff and fixed part of the windshield wiper problem. The other part of the wiper problem was an old recall item and he convinced me to take it in to the dealership.

Dealership? I was worried. Dealerships are expensive and snooty and impersonal right? Well, in my experience they have been. But then again recall means free . . . I made an appointment with the dealership. Turned out they were very friendly, helpful and patient when explaining auto mechanics to a girl like me. They also could have been very expensive: turns out my recall item had already been replaced before and technically they only have to cover the expense the first time. Also, because the part had gone out again it had caused another problem with the darn wipers. They very generously fixed the problems while I waited and sent me on my way no charge. I was sooooo grateful!

Now the past few weeks the car has been running significantly better with the wipers and handle and new injectors, etc but it wasn't quite perfect: still sputtering uphills and on acceleration. Steve was having trouble diagnosing the problem and suggested I go back to the dealership. It didn't take too much convincing this time. I knew a couple of the guys there now. I knew they were nice and down-to-earth. And most importantly I felt like they were going to treat me fairly and not charge me an arm and a leg.

Turns out I had several problems going on and it was going to cost an arm and a leg but it could have easily cost me a lot more. Jeremiah, my service rep, explained the services, gave me coupon pricing (he didn't even know how much I love coupons!), set me up with a loaner car so I could get to some other errands and appointments, and did it all without me even having to ask. When I came back to pick up my refreshed Suburban the total cost was below estimate and the car was washed! Now that's service!

I am so pleased with their service, in fact, that I may never go to any other repair shop again. (And so pleased with their loaner that I'm trying to figure out a way to get one of my own--Dave's car's not doing so well!)

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